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This Black Friday, the Hbo Sopranos Box Set Will Go on Sale, and Tony Soprano Won’t Turn Down the Deal.

HBO’s “The Sopranos” is one of the few shows that grab the hearts and minds of viewers. David Chase’s mafia drama included violence, raw sexual content, and humour, but also deep characters, intricate stories, and social criticism. Some fans are only discovering the series. Hardcore aficionados may want to acquire the series, even if it’s on HBO Max. If so, you’re lucky. Tony Soprano couldn’t resist the box set’s Black Friday sale.

Streaming is great, but if you’re like me, you enjoy owning a DVD. HBO has released some terrific box sets of its best hits (and that includes making sure most of them are also available on Blu-ray). The corporation made sure one of its most iconic programmes was handled properly by home media.

Six seasons of the critically acclaimed crime series were published on DVDs. Each season was released on Blu-ray afterwards. In 2014, The Sopranos: The Complete Series was released on Blu-ray.

The redesigned cool collection became available in 2020 and has been retailing for $129.99 from most suppliers, including Best Buy (opens in new tab). On Black Friday, the business is selling a set for $59.99.

Tony Soprano loved TV and movies, so I think this Best Buy deal will interest him. Some may still be doubtful, so let’s talk details. All 86 series are on 28 CDs. One offers a look at the show’s legacy, round-table dinners with the cast and crew, and a multi-part interview with David Chase. There are additional episode commentaries. Fans of the programme might consider it a holiday stocking.

“The Sopranos” follows Tony James Gandolfini, a mob boss from New Jersey who juggles his family and mafia obligations. In treatment, his physician and audience probe deep into his psyche. Carmela Soprano and Jennifer Melfi are memorable characters. Christopher Moltisanti and Pauli Gualtieri are irascible (played by the late Tony Sirico). The Sopranos Clan had a terrific cast.

We didn’t mention David Chase and the writers’ flawless storytelling. “Pine Steppes,” “White Caps,” and “Long-term Parking” are also great episodes. Many continue to scrutinise “The Sopranos Clan” finale, notably that final moment, which may have been disclosed in “Many Saints from Newark.”

This Best Buy bargain has numerous benefits. I see why people might be thoughtful when buying a box set. The Sopranos: The Complete Series is for fans of the legendary HBO series who want cool features. Grab this wonderful set and enjoy it with some gabagoula.

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