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Was Abraham Lincoln Gay? Is It True?

Was Abraham Lincoln Gay? A number of times throughout the series, Bros implies that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual or bisexual. Bobby, played by Billy Eichner, even suggests bringing a Lincoln display to the museum where he works because of his support for the LGBTQ+ community.

One of his coworker’s objects, yet the proposal is nevertheless picked to be developed. However, there is some disagreement as to whether or not the 16th President of the United States was a member of the LGBTQ+ community or even the first openly homosexual or bisexual president of the United States.

Who is Abraham Lincoln?

The 16th President of the United States from 1861 until his assassination in 1865, Abraham Lincoln was an American lawyer, politician, and statesman.

During the American Civil War, Lincoln was in charge of the country and led the country to victory, preserving the Union, ending slavery, strengthening the federal government, and advancing the United States economically.

Was Abraham Lincoln Gay?

Some people, including the protagonist of Bros, argue that Abraham Lincoln was homosexual or bisexual because of his relationship with his longtime friend and business partner Joshua Fry Speed.

Lincoln and Speed allegedly shared a bed for the four years they were together, which is evidence that has been heavily challenged because of claims of infidelity in the purportedly shared letters between the two.

Was Abraham Lincoln Married?

Yes! Ann Rutledge was Lincoln’s first known girlfriend after he relocated to New Salem in 1835. There were rumours that they were close but not engaged before Rutledge’s death in August.

Mary Owens was Lincoln’s second love interest. Lincoln proposed to Owens in 1836, and she accepted if they could relocate to New Salem. Later that year, she finally arrived, and Lincoln never stopped pursuing her.

Was Abraham Lincoln Gay

Both partners began to have second thoughts; he even wrote her a letter in which he admitted that he “would not blame her if she ended the relationship.”

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Owens never responded to this brush-off, and Lincoln moved on from the relationship in 1839 when he met Mary Todd. In 1840, they committed to marrying, but in 1841, he abruptly broke off the engagement.

The couple reconciled and tied the knot in 1842. Lincoln was a doting father who often brought his four kids with him to the office so he could spend more time with them.

The Relationship Between Lincoln and Joshua Speed

When looking for evidence that Abraham Lincoln is gay, historians often reference 1837. At the age of twenty-one, Lincoln established his legal career in Springfield, Illinois. After meeting Joshua Fry Speed, a shopkeeper and bachelor five years his junior, while setting up his practice, they became fast friends.

The friendship between Lincoln and Speed developed so quickly that they ended up sharing a Springfield apartment. They lived together for four years, even sharing a bed.

Was Abraham Lincoln Gay

After his father died in 1840, Speed returned to Kentucky to start a new life there. Both Speed and Lincoln seemed nervous about the prospect of getting married while they corresponded frequently with one another while Speed was on his wedding day.

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Was Abraham Lincoln Really Gay? Is It True?

Whether Honest Abe Lincoln identified as gay, bi, or straight is an open question. Public documents, his letters, and the diaries of contemporary people may provide useful information.

Yet, there are two caveats to keep in mind:

  • (1) The societal mores of the time,
  • (2) The high likelihood that Lincoln would have hidden any gay tendencies he may have had.

Speculation regarding Abraham Lincoln’s sexuality is all we have at the moment, yet it’s easy to change history. Lincoln’s scholarship still faces obstacles due to a lack of primary sources, especially when attempting to uncover personal details like Lincoln’s sexual orientation.

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