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What Happened to Coryxkenshin? Did He Really Delete His Youtube Channel?

What Happened to Coryxkenshin? Many of CoryxKenshin’s subscribers have become concerned about his whereabouts during the many months he disappeared without posting any new content to YouTube. Here you can find out exactly what happened to Coryxkenshin.

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Who is Coryxkenshin?

Cory Williams is better known as CoryxKenshin. Too many people in the United States, he is the epitome of a YouTube gaming star. They call him “THE SHOGUN HIMSELF” and other similar titles by his devoted followers.

These days he lives in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Cory, then 16 years old, signed up for YouTube on April 26, 2009, and uploaded his first video in May of that year. On that day, November 9, 1992, he entered the world, and today, he is 29 years old. The life story of Coryxkenshin is presented here.

What Happened to Coryxkenshin

In terms of height, CoryxKenshin is a respectable 6 feet 3 inches. How much he weighs is a mystery. His exact weight is unknown, but he is likely to weigh around 70 kilogrammes.

What Happened to Coryxkenshin?

Cory currently has over 13 million YouTube subscribers. However, he is no longer active on the site. The YouTuber went on an extended hiatus without uploading any new content for over a year. Other times he disappeared for a while were shorter or longer.

Cory has announced that he will be leaving YouTube, despite the fact that he has amassed a massive following. Fans are hopeful that this is just a brief break and that Cory will be back soon. Although, he did update his channel with a video about a month ago.

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Did He Really Delete His Youtube Channel?

There is no reason to keep you on the edge of your seat. CoryxKenshin did not remove his YouTube channel, as the answer indicates.

After explaining to his followers why he was unable to complete the guide on time and providing a fake walkthrough of deleting his account, the 29-year-old fooled everyone by deleting his personal YouTube account rather than his professional account.

“I said deactivating my channel. “I didn’t specify which one,” he said while laughing uncontrollably.

CoryxKenshin encouraged his supporters with a little bit of faith while he weathered this difficult time by promising to upload the entirety of Village very soon.

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He informed them that he will devote his full concentration to uploading Villiage to his website as soon as possible, and then turn his focus to the release of God of War Ragnarok on November 9.

Deal or no deal, Village or no Village, CoryxKenshin once again shows why he is everyone’s favourite YouTuber with a joke under his sleeve, even in bad times.

Early Life

CoryxKenshin is a well-known YouTuber who has been active since April 2009. He is a native of the United States, having been born on November 9, 1992, in the city of Detroit, Michigan. A mysterious personality and comedian known as “the ankle breaker,” Coryxkenshin has a reputation for being a bit of a bully.

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His formative years were spent in the Michigan community of South Lyon. His family, however, moved to a new area of town in 2017 and settled in South Lyon.

Ultimately, he settled on the University of Michigan as the place to round out his education. He dropped out of school in the middle of the semester to pursue a career on YouTube.

What Happened to Coryxkenshin

The two younger children in his Christian family were his brother and sister. Anthony K. Williams, his brother, makes guest appearances in some of his videos. In 2021, CoriesxKenshin is currently without a significant other.

Sources indicate that he has only ever been in one serious relationship. Cory is a well-known YouTuber with the rare genetic condition Ectodermal Dysplasia. The illness supposedly runs in his family. The sickness has left him with fewer teeth than normal (only 24) and less hair than usual.


Corry began his career as a YouTuber in 2009, at the age of 16. Back in the day, he was a vlogger. The majority of his videos dealt with topics typical of adolescence and young adulthood, such as socialising with peers, dating, and pursuing romantic relationships.

Regularly, he would post twice a week. However, he stopped playing video games for two years, from 2011 to 2013, before returning to YouTube to resume his gaming career.

As the first game ever to be streamed live on YouTube, Cory played The White Finger, a survival horror game, in 2013. Super Punch-Out, a 1994 sports video game, was the subject of his first gaming series. In the past, he enjoyed playing horror and action video games.

Over the course of a few years, he grew close to many of the biggest names on YouTube, including Muyskerm, Yamimash, LordMinion777, Jacksepticeye, and many more. Apparently, he met all these YouTubers at expos dedicated to video games.

He recently tweeted a video titled “death,” in which his followers discussed their personal experiences with and perspectives on the topic of death.

Coryckenshin has over 11 million subscribers and over 3 billion total views, making him one of the most popular American YouTubers in 2021. Also, he has more than 1.5 million Instagram followers.

Personal Life

The 30-year-old American YouTuber is probably single at this point, as far as our records go. CoryxKenshin is private about many aspects of his life and avoids media attention as much as possible.

Although CoryxKenshin has not been seen with anyone in public, he may be seeing someone behind the scenes. In light of this, it’s probably not wise to draw any hasty conclusions.

Net Worth

Williams has an estimated net worth between $15 and $20 million, the vast majority of which comes from his streaming business and AdSense income from his YouTube channel. Williams also makes money from the tips and donations she receives from her fans during live streams, which can amount to a significant sum.


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