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Trump’s lawsuit against Twitter

Former United States President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit against social media Twitter. Twitter authorities shut down the account for his provocative behavior while Trump was in power. Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit in a Florida court seeking a court order to reopen his Twitter account.

Trump’s lawyer John Coyle said last Thursday that Donald Trump would get his account back under Twitter law. However, the United States has federal laws governing Twitter and other social media. The law stipulates that the conditions imposed on ordinary users do not apply to government people.

Coyle added, ‘At one point Trump wanted to ban some people from accessing his account. Although the matter is approved for the general user, it is not available in the case of government accounts. The petition states that Twitter closed Trump’s account while he was in power in violation of US federal government laws.

The lawsuit alleges that Twitter did not allow the public to communicate directly with the president.

Since 2009, Donald Trump has launched a Twitter account. After winning the 2016 election, his account became official. Through this, Trump maintained contact with the people. He was active on social media due to his hostile relationship with the media.

Donald Trump’s provocative remarks have been blamed for the January 8 attack on Capitol Hill. Because of this, Trump has been banned from social media. He later announced that he would build the biggest medium of social communication. After leaving power, several initiatives of his party did not see the face of success.

Trump has filed a lawsuit in a Florida court. Although Twitter is headquartered in California, Trump now lives in Florida. Trump has filed the lawsuit in his own area so that the case cannot be transferred.

Lawyer Coyle said now is the time to bring the big technology companies under control through legislation. They are not allowed to do as they please.

At a news conference on Wednesday, former US President Donald Trump called the lawsuit “an excellent step forward for freedom of speech.” At a news conference at his golf resort in New Jersey, Trump accused social media companies and Democrats of spreading false information. “I am demanding an end to my shadow banning, silencing, banning, canceling,” he said. He said if a technology company could ban the president, they could do anything.

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