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Liverpool at the top at the end of the dramatic match

Liverpool and Chelsea have been following the same rhythm since the beginning of the league. The points, goals and goal difference of the two teams were one, even the scoreline of the two teams in each round was one. As a result, the two teams had the right to the top of the Premier League. Today, Liverpool have a chance to climb to the top after losing to Chelsea at home against Manchester City. Liverpool took advantage of the opportunity. However, they did not win, Liverpool drew 3-3 with Brentford.

One of the most dramatic matches was played at the Brentford Community Stadium. Liverpool dominated from the start of the match, but Thomas Frank’s lead was in the lead in creating a sure chance of attack. In the 28th minute, Evan Tony’s back flick was confused by the Liverpool defense. Ethan Pink scored on that opportunity. Liverpool returned to the match after 4 minutes. Diego Jota put the team back in the match with his head on Henderson’s cross from the right edge.

The match became more frozen in the second half. Mohamed Salah put Liverpool ahead for the first time in the 54th minute. This is his 100th goal in the Premier League in Liverpool’s jersey. The joy of the record for the fastest 100 goals for Liverpool was erased after 9 minutes. Vitaly Janet equalized for the hosts with a great goal.

Liverpool, however, did not take time to move forward again. Curtis Jones led the team for the second time in the 7th minute. This young man left the field after scoring a goal, Roberto Firmino entered the field after losing his form. This transfer did not help much. On the other hand, in the 62nd minute, Eon Visa equalized for Brentford. 4 minutes later Tony Brentford seemed to have won. But even though the ball was caught in the net, it did not get the status of a goal due to offside.

Liverpool remained unbeaten in the Premier League as the only team in the draw. With 13 points, Manchester City is ahead of Chelsea, United and Everton. However, the team will rise to the top if they can beat Brighton Crystal Palace the day after tomorrow.

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