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The Guy Went on a Dating Show Without Telling His Father, and His Home Reaction Is Amazing.

There are a variety of resources available to anyone in this day and age who has an interest in the dating practises of young people who are romantically unattached. There is no shortage of opportunities to see regular people put themselves in crazy circumstances for the sake of love, from more straightforward dating series like “The Bachelor” to TV shows that offer entertaining twists like “Too Hot to Handle” or “Married at First Sight.” On the other hand, we rarely get an indication of what their parents think about the choice that their children have made. One such illustration has recently been available to us thanks to the Internet; it describes how a man attended a dating show without informing his father, and the latter’s reaction was caught on camera.

A man watches an episode of the dating reality show Beauty Queen & Single in a video that was uploaded on Reddit. The description says that he did not realise that a familiar face was about to emerge on the screen, and that his response at seeing his son Charles was the catalyst that led to the video being shared widely on the internet. Have a look at it down here:

A real weakening of the knees to be sure! I don’t think there could be a better reaction than dear old dad’s long and loud laugh as he threw his head back and slapped his leg when he saw his son going down the street on his way to a date than what he did when he saw his son walking down the street on his way to a date. As he shared with his companion, this was a scene that even he did not wish to witness even once and it was clear that he was not alone in this sentiment.

Rewind, just keep going back in time indefinitely.

As he continued to observe Charles and the ladies he was apparently about to meet, he then made a comment that was both equally sweet and quite paternal in nature. Dad said:

I also purchased this jacket for him.

In the reality show Beauty Queen & Single, which is aired on the BBC, a number of single beauty queens are invited on blind dates, to which they are required to show up… without makeup (yes, yes, yes). The stepbrother who released the video said that Charles did not get a second date, which was unfortunate for both Charles and his proud father. It’s possible that he and his father could form a partnership in order to appear on the Netflix show “Dates and Family Ties,” which, despite its title, is not actually about dating your family members. Instead, the show focuses on the awkward situations that arise when people try to date family members.

Although it’s possible that we won’t see Charles appear on any of the several dating shows that are available to stream with a Netflix subscription, he and his dad won over fans who saw the viral video, and the comments section was full of people stating that the reaction made their day. Here are several examples:

  • Just rewind that laugh. Rewind it forever.
  • He was so happy to see him on a date that I was happy for him, infectious laughter fs
  • This video just filled my heart with the most useful vibrations! He’s adorable, and I giggled right with him!
  • Rewind forever is now added to my vocabulary

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