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Online video of Raphael Varane’s passionate World Cup speech

Raphael Varane, a defender for Manchester United, gave a motivational message at the halftime break of France’s World Cup match against Morocco.

The video was discovered on the internet, and it shows the former Real Madrid player encouraging his colleagues while also pushing them to do better in their performances.

A goal scored early on by Theo Hernandez gave France a 1-0 lead going into halftime, but this barely conveyed the full picture of what had transpired up to that point.

Morocco had multiple opportunities to tie the game and even got their shot on goal when they held possession of the ball against the team that was considered to be the favourite.

In the first half, France only had a 44% ball possession rate, therefore they were unable to build on their advantage.

“We were behind by two or three goals, and we started to play more defensively. “What exactly is it?” In the video, Varan poses the question.
“That is not how we approach things here. First and foremost, we are combatants.

We are fighting for the benefit of one another. Damn it, men! Do not take advantage of this wonderful opportunity by beginning to play it yourself. The group has arrived. Guys, we are in a war here. Everyone’s help is required.”

Even though Morocco continued to have a significant amount of possession of the ball in the second half, it appears that Varane took satisfaction in the fact that France doubled their lead and won the game against a vigorous opponent.

Following the halftime break, the Atlas Lions mustered just one shot on target after the restart.

The player was called out by French expert Claude Le Roy for his lack of leadership characteristics, and Varane’s comments came shortly after Le Roy’s criticism.

It would appear that Le Roy was wrong about certain things.

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