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In March 2023, Sifu will debut alongside the new Arenas Mode for Xbox and Steam.

In March of 2023, the well-known kung fu action film Sifu will be made available for purchase on Steam and the Xbox consoles.

Along with the news of the game’s impending release, developer Sloclap has also teased a brand-new Arenas mode. This mode will be a free upgrade and will be made available for PlayStation and PC via the Epic Games Store at the same time that Steam and Xbox will be made accessible.

The trailer teases that “more news coming soon,” although there is little information available thus far regarding the content of the upcoming release. Sloclap provided the following commentary on the matter: “A successful completion of the arenas will gradually open up a massive new batch of modifiers, which will double the amount of the current game and, in particular, add alternative techniques to the palette of kung fu that our protagonist can choose from.” By successfully completing new Arena challenges, you will gain access to new cheats as well as new special clothes (via IGN).

Since it was initially made available for PlayStation consoles and personal computers via the Epic Games Store in the beginning of 2022, the game has undergone consistent updates that include the most recent additions, such as a replay editor and extra modifiers, cheats, and costumes.

It is currently unknown whether the release for Xbox consoles will include a physical edition in addition to a digital one; however, as the date of March 2023 draws closer, the developer of Sloclap will undoubtedly offer additional details to fans who are looking forward to the game’s debut.

According to NME, the best part of Sifu is an homage to the early game of the Korean revenge film “Oldboy.” NME ranked Sifu ninth on our list of the 20 best games of 2022 and called it the harsh sequel to Absolver that was “packed with unforgettable fights.” NME also stated that the best part was an homage to the early game.

According to some reports, the Jingle Jam 2022 event was successful in raising over 3.4 million pounds for a total of 12 deserving charity. More than 300 people of the community came out to support charitable causes during the event that took place during the first two weeks of December. The proceeds from the sale of a set of games with a value of approximately $1,000 were donated to the cause. The event is scheduled to take place again in 2023, and its organisers will shortly begin searching for philanthropic organisations to collaborate with on the subsequent event.

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