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Tegan and Sara and Clea Duvall Discuss the New Queer Tv Series High School

A new video that is exclusive to The Advocate has interviews with the creators of the Amazon Freevee series High School, including Tegan and Sara Quin, director Clea DuVall, and other cast and crew members.

In this series, twin sisters Railey and Seazynn Gilliland play the roles of Tegan and Sara, high school students in the 1990s who are navigating their sibling relationship as well as romances, coming out, and pursuing careers as artists during their time at school. The show, which is based on Tegan and Sara’s 2019 memoir High School and had its debut on Friday, was adapted from the book.
Tegan Quin states in the video that High School is about young ladies who are queer and sort of fighting to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world. “High School” is the title of Quin’s upcoming film.

According to DuVall, when we first meet the sisters in the series, they are “quite separated,” with Tegan desiring a close relationship and Sara moving away from one another. Once kids become exposed to music, they are able to connect with one another on a deeper level.

After finishing the book in a single day, DuVall was excited to turn Tegan and Sara’s memoir into a television series after reading the text. “The next day, I contacted Tegan and I told her, ‘Listen, your book is great!’ It was just wonderful to me. Don’t just hand over the rights to it to anyone; instead, let me make some changes to it. That way, you guys can be involved, and… it allows you guys like a little more influence over how your story is conveyed,'” DuVall recently told PRIDE, which is the sister website of The Advocate.

“The way they told their story struck a chord with me… In addition, DuVall mentioned, “I had never read anything like that or seen anything like that before – anything that genuinely seemed like my coming of age.” “As LGBT children growing up in the ‘90s, you tend to force yourself to fit into storylines that aren’t really meant for you, but you are just sort of reaching at anyone who would listen,”

Tegan notes in the film that there were not many gay stories being presented, and that it was difficult to be a queer teen at the time. She explains, “Today we come off as role models and mentors, but we did not come out like this — into the world or into sexuality or anything like that.” “Today we come off like role models and mentors.” “We suffered, just like every young person does.”

DuVall is quoted as saying, “Now is the moment for this story since, in my opinion, it has been long overdue.”

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