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New Batman Dlc for Minecraft Soon, New Trailer Released for Switch

In the recently released Batman downloadable content for Minecraft, players can don the cowl of the Caped Crusader and defend Gotham City from the likes of Harley Quinn, The Joker, The Penguin, and a host of other villainous Super-Villains from the DC world.

You will have the opportunity in this massive adventure brought to you by DC and Noxcrew to see Gotham City in a way that you have never seen it before. As you search for the hideouts of old adversaries, you can either use your claws to navigate between the blocky rooftops or speed the Batmobile past renowned buildings like as Wayne Tower and the Monarch Theater. You will take on the role of the Dark Knight himself and be tasked with a significant assignment. Alfred Pennyworth is in trouble, and he needs your assistance to get out of it.

Your adventure starts in the Batcave, where some familiar villains have just prevented a new experiment from opening a portal to the Nether realm. In addition to this, they have taken Alfred hostage and have imprisoned him in the Nether! You are now responsible for locating these DC Super-Villains in the shadowy alleyways of the city, reclaiming the obsidian blocks they stole, reestablishing the portal, and rescuing him. Put on your gauntlets, get your Batarang together, and then step out of the Batcave while taking a few deep breaths.

New Batman Dlc for Minecraft Soon, New Trailer Released for Switch

Oh, the enticing aroma of illegal activity first thing in the morning! Not only are creepers responsible for the destruction of my bases (oh, the indignity!), but I’m not just talking about that. Mobs have banded together with some of Batman’s most formidable adversaries in order to take over Gotham City, which is already overrun with criminals. Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, The Penguin, and a number of other DC Super-Villains.

It is up to you to decide what aspects of this massive open-world area to tackle first, as there is a great deal to investigate and even more to find hidden inside it. Are you prepared to engage in direct conflict with your adversaries and systematically destroy each of their strongholds? Will you prioritise finding the answers to The Riddler’s riddles in order to get back what was taken from you? Will you gather the necessary resources to finish the machinery in the Batcave, thereby gaining access to a greater variety of weapons? Or are you going to walk the streets in all your glory as a crime fighter, vanquishing the hostile mobs that have taken the wrong side against justice? I, for one, am going to remain on the roofs until I have created all of the devices, at which point I will begin collecting the one-of-a-kind items that were dropped by each Super-Villain! This time won’t be like that other time when I stepped through a portal into the Nether with nothing but a cake in my inventory. Never, ever again

Fight against The Penguin’s lethal eggs, Poison Ivy’s toxic mooshrooms, Harley Quinn’s troublesome pandas, and many other one-of-a-kind foes as you play solo or with pals in this action-packed game! The downloadable content also includes a skin pack, and you are free to use any of the 18 available skins to bring some of your favourite DC Comics characters into your Overworld. These skins include designs for Robin, Batwoman, Batgirl, Catwoman, and many more.

Even though this downloadable content is not yet available for purchase on Switch, you can be confident that the Caped Crusader will be swooping into this system in the very near future!

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