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Who Is Rod Wave’s Baby Momma?

Rod Wave is well known in the soul rap scene. The 2019 hit song “Heart on Ice” by Wave put the band on the map. The song reached number 25 on the Hot 100 chart and went viral on YouTube.

People say that he came up with the soul trap. If you didn’t know him from his music, you would know him from the most recent scandal.

He is accused of strangling his ex-girlfriend in front of their kids because he thought she was talking to other men. Talk about having a bad name and a bad temper. We’re lucky to still have her with us.

Several newspapers have also said that she is his child’s mother. Is she? No, it’s not her, is it? Who is Rod Wave’s children’s mother? That’s what’s going on right now.

One of the hardest things for celebrities to do is to keep exact details about their lives from the media and the general public since reporters are good at sleuthing. Rod Wave, on the other hand, seemed to be the type to keep things too quiet. But all of his business and problems have been made public at some point.

His real name is Rodarius Green, and it looks like he has been abused in the past. This makes sense since he is known to be aggressive. The mother and children of his children are being sucked into this terrible cyclone. Fans want to know more about Rod Wave’s family and his baby momma because of the recent events.

Who Is Rod Wave?

You might be surprised to learn that Rod Wave is only 24 years old. Yes, you did read that right. He has been called the leader of soul trap and is known for his rough voice, the way he combines R&B and pop music, and how he uses both styles together. With songs like “Beautiful Mind” and “Ghetto Gospel,” he has done well in the music world.


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Since he was born in 1999, he got a lot out of the social media generation. Even though he didn’t want to be a professional musician, his early songs were well-received in his hometown near St. Petersburg, which is where he grew up. He blew up in the end. Wave is known for being able to add intensity to her strong vocals, which helps every song.

Now that we’ve talked about his good points, let’s talk more about what he’s been up to lately. As we’ve already talked about, he strangled his ex-girlfriend in her own home.

After that, he allegedly attacked her in front of their two children and choked her until she couldn’t breathe. He walked away, but he soon came back yelling that she had taken his phone. Before he left again, he did some small damage to the property.

The woman called 911, and when the police came, they saw marks on her neck. Even though she is said to not have charged him, think about how this will affect her and her children.

Why didn’t she make him pay? What is her name? We’ll try to answer some of these questions today, and we’ll also try to find out who his real baby mama is.

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Who Is Rod Wave’s Baby Momma?

Rod Waves kept the details of his relationship a secret until recently. He has been in a relationship, but no one has ever talked about the details of that relationship in public.

They’ve been seeing each other in secret for a while now. At least until this important attack. It looks like Kelsey Dee is the mother of his child. Who knew? Let’s get to its end together.


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In 2020, Rod Wave’s partner, Kelsey Dee Coleman, gave birth to two beautiful and sweet twins. One is Mocha, and the other is Kash. Many people thought she was the mother of these kids, but many weren’t sure until her Instagram followers found pictures of her with a famous person. But Rod Wave has never mentioned her or talked about her in the media.

With the strangulation case, people found out who she really was. Yes, Kelsey Dee is the woman who was strangled. That’s why she didn’t want to file a complaint against him: she didn’t want to make a big deal out of it in front of her kids. She told the police that the two of them are no longer together. What a creepy boyfriend!

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