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Sofia Franklyn Net Worth: How Much Money Does Sofia Make in a Year?

As of 2023, Sofia Franklyn, an American podcaster and social media star. She became famous in 2010 when she made the comedy podcast “Call Her Dadd” with Alexandra Cooper, who is famous on Instagram and also hosts a podcast.

In the last few years, Sofia’s appearance on this show has brought her a lot of attention in the social media world. She has a lot of fans from all over the country, and almost 1 million people follow her on Instagram.

So here we’ll talk about Sofia Franklyn’s income, assets, earnings, various brand organizations, luxury lifestyle, career, and biography.

Quick Biography

Full Name Sofia Franklyn
Nickname Sofia
Age 30 years old
Date Of Birth July 21, 1992
Birth Place Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Height 5 ft 6 in (167.5 cm)
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs)

Early Life

Sofia Franklyn was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the United States, on July 21, 1992. She got her Bachelor of Economics degree from the University of Utah, and then she worked at a finance firm.


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Sofia is very private about her personal life, and she hasn’t said much about her parents or her family.

After she graduated from college, she became interested in funny stories about sexual encounters, so she started a blog to follow her passion. Soon after, “Barstool Sports” took notice of her work. In 2018, she moved to New York City and began writing blogs for Barstool.


Sofia used to want to work in finance, but she soon realized that the entertainment industry was much more interesting to her. She moved to New York in 2018, where she began writing blogs for Barstool Sports.

At first, she used her blogs to talk about popular sports, pop culture, and the latest news. Sofia got a lot of attention when she wrote a blog about her sexual adventures in her home state of Utah.

She became very popular in a short amount of time, which led her to start her podcast. Sofia met Instagram star Alexandra Cooper while she was on vacation in Texas, and they started talking about sex at a bar that night. The crowd paid a lot of attention to them after that. Both of them felt better after that talk, so they decided to start a podcast in 2018.


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Then Sofia and Alexandra worked with Barstool Sports and got the go-ahead to start their podcast. They made a podcast channel called “Call Her Daddy” and released the first episode in 2019. In this show, Sofia and Alexandra talked about all kinds of relationships and dating. It quickly became a huge hit all over the world.

After that big success, Sofia and Alexandra left the show in 2020 because they had problems with Barstool Sports. Sofia Franklyn started her own podcast called “Sofia with an F” on December 22, 2020. In it, she talks about issues facing modern women, her childhood in Salt Lake City, and other things.

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Personal Life

As of 2019, Sofia Franklyn is dating Peter Nelson, who used to work for HBO. In her podcasts, she often calls Peter “Suitman.” Sofia and Peter have been seen at parties and in videos with each other.


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Sofia has also been in a lot of trouble in the past. For example, she was arrested for the first time when she was only 20. She was charged with having alcohol on her, interfering with police, and being drunk in public, but she was soon let go.

Net Worth 2023:

Name Sofia Franklyn
Net Worth 2023 $1.5 Million
Age 30
Annual Salary $500,000
Profession Social Media Star
Income Sources Podcast Host
Gender Female

Who is the Boyfriend of Sofia Franklyn?

As of 2019, Sofia Franklyn is dating Peter Nelson, who used to work for HBO.

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