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Blueface’s Baby Momma: Who Is His Children’s Real Mother?

Some people may want to know right away who or what a “baby momma” is. This word first came from African Americans, but it is now used in the hip-hop industry. Even though the term “baby momma” used to be insulting but isn’t anymore, there are still negative stereotypes about single moms.

This phrase is used to talk about moms who have had children but haven’t married their fathers yet. It is a very common phrase in today’s society. Now that you know what we’re talking about, you can see how hard life can be for a single woman, especially if she is related to a famous person, like Blueface in this case. The news is currently about her, so please tell us about her.

Right now, Blueface seems to go out of his way to hang out with a lot of women, but only one of them can be the mother of his child. With all of his scandals and arrests, it must be very hard on his family, no matter who they are.

If you didn’t know, this rapper was just arrested on suspicion of trying to kill someone after pulling a gun on someone outside a Las Vegas nightclub. This raises the question of how who, and how well his family is doing during this disaster. For those who are interested, we will talk about Blueface’s baby mama in more depth.

First Off, Who Is Blueface?

To put it simply, Blueface is his rap name. In real life, Johnathan Jamall Porter is who he says he is. In October 2018, when the new song for his single “Respect My Cryppin” came out, his unusual way of using rhymes made him a meme. Now, strange and unlikely things happen more often than they used to.


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Blueface is definitely happy that his song “Thotiana,” which recently hit No. 9 on the Billboard Hot 100, has made him a national treasure. Before, he was known for his rapping only in Los Angeles. Find the Beat, his first album made in a studio came out in 2020. While Blueface opened a soul food restaurant called Blue’s Fish and Soul in 2021.

As you can see, his life is going very well. Two other California rappers, E-40 and Suga Free have been compared to Blueface because of the way they rhyme and the sound they make.

But as he gets into more and more trouble, his good name is getting worse. People say that the male “victim” and Blueface’s crew got into a fight, which led to the shooting.

Even though he just had his second child on August 5, 2022, this won’t be good for his kids. Also, the number of people he has killed has been going up steadily since his baby mama scandal broke.

People say that in the three years that Blueface has been a viral sensation, he has built up a pretty bad name for himself. But let’s talk about his baby mama, who has been hurt by this bad name.

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Blueface’s Baby Momma: Who Is His Children’s Real Mother?

The obvious answer would be Jaidyn Alexis. Blueface and Alexis have a 5-year-old son as well as their new daughter. She is said to be the CEO of a business called Babyface Skin & Body.

To get back on topic, Blueface and Alexis sometimes talk about their kids in their posts. Due to her full-time job, she didn’t seem to spend much time with her family during the week.


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The two are no longer together because Blueface seems to date different women every day. But she defended her baby daddy by saying that even though they are no longer together, he is still the father of her children and they are still family after the shooting scandal.

As you might expect, Jaidyn got a lot of attention on social media in 2020 when she wrecked Blueface’s car and other things when she found out he was cheating on her with another woman. At that time, the whole split happened.

Alexis hasn’t posted any pictures of the rapper in a while, but she posts pictures of her baby all the time. After the shooting, it looks like Chrisean Rock and Blueface are dating, which is bad news for Alexis because Rock is bragging about it on social media.

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