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Is Robin Arzon Pregnant in 2023? Let’s Find Out!

Robin Arzon Pregnant: American ultramarathoner Robin Amelia Arzón is also the author of the book of the same name. Not only is she a Peloton instructor, but she is also the Vice President of Fitness Programming. Is Robin Arzon Pregnant or not? let’s find out!

Who is Robin Arzon?

Robin Amelia Arzón, an American ultramarathoner, is also the author of the book of the same name. Robin Arzón’s parents, a Cuban exile and a Puerto Rican man gave birth to him in Philadelphia. The woman’s mom is a doctor who picked up the language by watching PBS. Her dad used to be a law professor and is a lawyer.

She was raised with an emphasis on schooling and family. She never had a childhood filled with athletics. Arzón received a degree with honours from New York University. In the future, she enrolled in the Villanova University School of Law.

Is Robin Arzon Pregnant?

This time, Robin Arzón is bringing a wolf into her group. Arzón announced on Monday’s Live with Kelly and Ryan that Peloton’s chief teacher and vice president of fitness programming, who is also pregnant, is expecting her second child with husband Drew Butler.

Arzón told PEOPLE exclusively that she is “feeling strong” and that she and her family, including her 22-month-old daughter Athena, are “extremely pleased” about the impending addition to the family.

Robin Arzon Pregnant

The author of Strong Mama, whose follow-up picture book, Strong Baby, will be released next month, says she astonished her husband with the news of her pregnancy.

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Robin Arzon Expresses Her and Her Family’s Sentiments About the Pregnancy

The future mother “kisses my belly and says hi to the kid,” Arzón reveals. That’s why I’m so adamant about incorporating her every step of the way; I want her to feel like she’s an integral part of this whole thing, which she is.

The fitness instructor, who spoke publicly about her desire to exercise while pregnant with Athena, has told PEOPLE she plans to exercise throughout her second pregnancy as well. She says she wants to continue challenging the stereotype that pregnant women are unable to exercise.

She advises expectant mothers to “concentrate on what you can manage rather than leading with limitation,” which is “the primary message that I want to communicate.” “What a pregnant woman can do far outweighs what she can’t. I was a highly active person during my first pregnancy, and now that I am not under house arrest, I am much more so.”

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It is her hope that she can continue her active lifestyle up until the birth of her child.

Arzón says she has a better understanding of the significance of “keeping my peace and really owning my no” during this pregnancy than she had with her first.

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