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Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie?

Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie: Hardin and Tessa fly to London to attend his mother’s wedding, but upon arrival, Hardin learns that Tessa has been having an affair with her future husband.

Christian is Hardin’s father Ken’s best friend, and he is also the man with whom Trish is having an affair. Christian confesses that he is Hardin’s biological father during their conversation after the wedding. Kimberly, Christian’s pregnant girlfriend, also informs Tessa.

Tessa anticipates that Hardin will need her assistance, but he destroys his mother’s house in a rage. Christian rescues Hardin, after which he begins drinking excessively and pleading with Tessa to leave him alone.

Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie?

Tessa returns to Seattle and informs Kimberly that she is relocating to New York and beginning a new life. Ken and Hardin discuss how Hardin’s mother, Trish, has been concealing information about Hardin’s biological father, Christian, from them.

Ken insists that regardless of the facts, he will always consider Hardin to be his son. In the meantime, Tessa visits an OB-GYN who informs her that, based on her medical history, she has no chance of becoming pregnant.

Tessa is devastated to learn that she will never be able to have children. She returns to Christian’s residence, where she becomes visibly distressed and begins to drink heavily.

When Hardin calls her, he can tell she is uncomfortable. When he discovers her unconscious by the pool, he transports her home.

Tessa announces her pregnancy the following morning. Tessa is frustrated because she believes Hardin lacks compassion for her situation. He apologizes to Tessa, and the two reconcile.

Is Tessa Pregnant in After Ever Happy Movie?

Do Hardin and Tessa Get Back Together?

They return to Landon’s residence and settle in to discuss their new lives. When Tessa enters the room, Hardin is having a nightmare while sitting on the couch.

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She comforts him by lying next to him on the sofa as he drifts off to sleep. Tessa is disappointed the following day when she finishes her shift and Hardin is absent. As she makes her way back to the house, Hardin catches up to her and they return together.

Tessa observes that Hardin appears “different” that evening as she and Hardin prepare dinner together. Tessa locates a transcript of Hardin’s book and reads it in its entirety several days later.

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When he returns from his meeting, Tessa confronts him, accusing him of misusing her life and stories. During their argument, Hardin expresses regret, explaining that he never intended for the manuscript to be published.

Will There Be an After Part 5?

According to him, a bidding war has broken out for his book, but Tessa is still upset that he violated her privacy without her permission.

According to Hardin, their story teaches us about compassion and mercy. She cannot forgive him despite her best efforts, so she ceases all communication with him. Hardin receives a book contract, and his works are a tremendous success with readers.

Tessa learns that Hardin is going to a book reading event in New York. Hardin and his publisher are making eye contact when she enters the room.

Hardin observes Tessa’s departure without a farewell. A screen stating “To be Continued” appears at the conclusion of the film.

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