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People Are Mistaking Spiiderman for Link Because of the Fake Zelda Movie Posters on Netflix, Which Are Being Widely Shared as Genuine.

In a situation that is fully reasonable given that many of us have been fooled by an elaborate hoax that, due to the fact that it is so well executed, is completely effective at fooling us. Especially in cases where the task is shared by thousands of other people through platforms such as social networks, which causes us to become lost in the sea of people all engaged in the same activity.

This is exactly what has been occurring to a significant number of Zelda fans recently, as they have been spreading posters of the upcoming Zelda movie that will be produced by Netflix with enthusiasm and hope. Tape that does not exist in any way, shape, or form, which demonstrates that these posters are utterly fraudulent.

Something that was even indicated from the beginning by the creator of these fanart, Dan Leveille, who says in the original publication posted on his Facebook page: “The complete cast of the live action series Legend of Zelda from Netflix has just drop, revealing an all-star cast starring Tom Holland, Emma Watson and Idris Elba!,” debunking this immediately, warning parenthetically that it is a joke and that the posters were made “with #midjourney, paint with #dalle

Fake Zelda Movie

Fanart Posters of the Nonexistent Zelda Movie

A warning that in this day and age, when the majority of the population never reads the descriptions or is only informed by the headlines, it is obvious that many people did not see and share the photographs as real anyhow. Or even more, suggesting to the creator himself that the illustrations are a fake, despite the fact that he plainly says that they are false, despite the fact that he indicates that they are phoney.

One further illustration of how simple it is to spread false news in today’s world, particularly when it is fueled by the anticipation of a large number of admirers.

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