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Jamie Lee Curtis Requested a Sequel to Her Best Film in a Letter to Disney.

Jamie Lee Curtis is so enthused about the idea of making a sequel to Freaky Friday that she has been trying to get Disney to greenlight the project. In fact, she has even written letters to her contacts at the studio about the idea. According to Screen Rant, she even has some thoughts about how such a sequel would play out. She is presently working with Disney on a remake of Haunted Mansion, so she has plenty of opportunities to communicate her vision at this point.

Disney has produced multiple iterations of the film Freaky Friday since the first one, which debuted in 1976 and starred Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris. It is an adaptation of a novel written by Mary Rodgers, and it has amassed a fan base over the course of three rewrites and a musical. However, the version that has garnered the most attention features Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan in the roles of a mother and daughter who switch places for a day and see life through the eyes of the other.

Jamie Lee Curtis is a powerful figure in her own right, and she could be the one to get the movie made. Both of her parents, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, were well-known actresses during their time period. Janet Leigh is particularly well-known for her role as Marion in Psycho’s iconic shower scene. Jamie Lee Curtis began her career in the horror-thriller genre, making her debut as Laurie Strode in the 1978 version of Halloween, a part that she has continued to perform up until the present day.

Recent interviews for the promotion of Halloween Ends featured Jamie Lee Curtis, during which she discussed her impending work with Disney as well as her desire to make a sequel to the film Freaky Friday. She is sure that there is more to the tale of Anna and Tess Coleman despite the fact that life is constantly presenting them with new obstacles. On a recent episode of The View, she shared some of her thoughts, including her excitement at the possibility of future collaboration with Lindsay Lohan.

Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis said, “I’ve already written to… my pals at Disney,” in response to the question. “In terms of creativity, I am completely open… Allow me to play the role of the granny, and I’ll even pretend to be the one who always switches places… Therefore, Lindsay gets to play the role of the seductive grandma who is still content with her relationship to Mark Harmon in every manner that you would be content with Mark Harmon… I would want to see Lindsay play the role of the sexy granny, and I would like today to be the day that I try to deal with children in the preschool age range. In this day and age, I aspire to be what’s known as a “helicopter parent.”

If Lindsay Lohan and Mark Harmon were to express interest in playing the roles they played in the original Freaky Friday, then there is a possibility that Friday the 13th will strike the Coleman household once more. If Jamie Lee Curtis, the other stars, and a producer were prepared to bring the project forward, Disney would have no problem approving the production of a sequel. It would be interesting to observe how Tess adjusts to her new role as a mother as well as how Anna cope with the realisation that she is becoming older.

In recent years, Disney has not been shy about releasing reboots and sequels to previously released films. Live-action adaptations of some of their animated classics, such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Little Mermaid, have been filmed by the company. Whoopie Goldberg is set to reprise her role in the recently announced Sister Act 3, and the latest instalment in the Hocus Pocus franchise has just recently been released on Disney+.

Since it is obvious that Disney is not afraid to repeat and update its names, the idea that there will be a sequel to Freaky Friday is something that is not beyond of the realm of possibility. As a result of the fact that Jamie Lee Curtis has already voiced her enthusiasm about the possibility in public, it is quite evident that she would be the driving force behind making it happen if it were to occur. On Friday the 13th, will we have another opportunity to watch Tess and Anna switch roles?

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