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Kanye West Shocks Everyone at an Adidas Business Meeting by Playing a Sexual Movie.

Kanye West, the founder of Yeezy, showed a pornographic film for executives of Adidas during a business meeting, which shocked the executives. West is seen through a fisheye-lens footage at the meeting with two of his representatives and two Adidas executives sitting in a semi-circle inside of an empty room. The footage was included as part of a YouTube video that he shared on Sunday and was given the title “LAST WEEK.” West shared the video on his YouTube channel. Except for Kanye, everyone else in the video has their faces obscured in some way.

When one of the executives saw West holding his phone in a horizontal position while playing the film in front of the other executives, he asked, “Is this a porn movie?” “Yeah,” was West’s response when asked about it. After that, a representative from Adidas made an exclamation. Kanye West continued, unperturbed, to display the footage on his phone while holding it very close to the faces of the people in the business.

According to Page Six, the purpose of the X-rated movie was to make a parallel between its plot and West’s business dealings with the active wear company, which handles the manufacturing of and distribution for West’s billion-dollar Yeezy brand. The parallel was intended to be drawn between the film’s plot and West’s business dealings with the company. Grammy-winning artist remarked of one of his team members, “I’m only going to work with Adidas if he’s the CEO.” He was referring to Adidas’s CEO.

Kanye West

After that, he continued, “You people have done wrong by the company, by the business, and by the relationship.” [Case in point] The premise of the entire video is based on the fact that the guy cheated on the female, which led to the girl responding by saying, “Well then I’m going to do the thing that’s your worst nightmare.” This is the greatest nightmare you could ever imagine,” he added, addressing the CEOs head-on.

“I’m not going to hurt you; it shouldn’t be your biggest dread. Your worst dread will not come true since I will not be pornographic. The sound of me screaming is not going to be your greatest nightmare. We have completed all of this.” He informed them, “That’s your worst nightmare,” while pointing to the man he wants to be the CEO of the company. He continued by pointing to another member of his team and said, “And then worst nightmare No. 2.”

“Are you having a dream, or is it more like a nightmare?” One of the executives at Adidas questioned what the company’s plans were. One of West’s liaisons responded by saying, “What you’re feeling right now is extreme discomfort, and that is exactly the point because when someone steals this man’s ideas, his creations, it’s like you’re stealing a child. ” “What you’re feeling right now is extreme discomfort, and that is exactly the point because when someone steals this man’s ideas, his creations, it’s like you You have abducted all of his mental offspring, who are his children in the mind.

“There are Yeezy-inspired variants that are earning considerable revenue because customers can’t tell the difference since it’s so inspired. … He has a valid reason to feel this way. According to the story, West chimed in to confirm how furious he really is about the situation. The same liaison continued, bringing up how West recently severed his partnership with Gap over allegations that the retail giant did not deliver on promises to release certain styles and open dedicated Yeezy Gap stores as planned. The allegations were made in connection with West’s decision to end the partnership.

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