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Haitian Singer Mikaben Died at the Age of 41 After Passing Out During a Performance in Paris

PARIS – Michael Benjamin, a Haitian singer better known by his stage name Mikaben, passed away after fainting on stage in Paris over the weekend. The musician was in his 41st year.

As Mikaben walked to the rear of the stage after his performance with his band CaRiMi, he was in the middle of doing a performance with the band.

On Saturday, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, posted a message on Twitter to confirm Mikaben’s passing.

“The unexpected passing of the young and exceptionally brilliant artist known as “Mikaben” Michael Benjamin has left me in utter disbelief and grief. It is a wonderful tribute to the music of Haiti, which was just recently discontinued “he had written.

On Sunday, the location where Mikaben was performing, Accor Arena, also used Twitter to announce the news that a fatal accident had occurred.

According to the narrative that was posted in French, “Last night during the Carimi concert, one of the vocalists, Michael Benjamin, also known as Mikaben of his artist name, passed away following a malaise on stage and despite the involvement of the emergency services.”

The musician Mickael Guirand reportedly requested that everyone in the venue leave after Mikaben experienced a medical emergency, as reported by the Miami Herald.

“The concert has come to an end. We need to leave this room immediately “Guirand stated.

According to the outlet, he continued by saying, “It’s quite complicated.” “We are in need of prayer.”

The news source also mentioned that concertgoers passed out inside the venue.

Haitian Singer Mikaben Died at the Age of 41 After Passing Out During a Performance in Paris

Following Mikaben’s passing, Wyclef Jean issued a statement that was published with the publication.

The three-time Grammy winner expressed surprise at the news. “This is a shock,” he stated. “His smile was the only thing that stayed with me,” continued Jean. It is safe to say that this is one of the most significant and thought-provoking young artists of our generation.

Roberto Martino, the singer for CaRiMi, was quoted as saying to the Herald, “I’m in disbelief.” “This is someone who I worked with for a number of years and who I thought of as a brother and a dear friend. We communicated nearly every day. We engage in conversation with one another.”

Martino shared with the publication that he had been with Mikaben before the show, and that the latter appeared to be in a positive mood.

“He was in such a good mood. He was quite excited to perform beside CaRiMi on that stage. It was undoubtedly one of the most significant achievements of his life. It’s a band that he looked up to growing up. I don’t know what to say; I’m speechless. I’m broken, “Martino remarked.

“Mika was one of the most amazing artists that I had ever met in my life,” he added. “I have met a lot of talented people in my life.” “One of the most modest people you’ll ever meet; you never heard him getting angry or cursing at anyone. It’s just sad; unbelievable.”

Vanessa Benjamin, Mikaben’s wife, took to Instagram to express her gratitude to followers for their prayers and also to ask friends and family to “please stop phoning.”

Benjamin, who is expecting their third child, said that he was unable to communicate due to the fact that he was pregnant. “I have no words since I have lost the other half of myself.”

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