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Why Did Martin Riggs Leave Lethal Weapon?

Why did Martin Riggs stop working on “Lethal Weapon”? Martin Riggs is the most important character in the Lethal Weapon series. There are four movies in the Lethal Weapon Franchise and one TV show that ran for three seasons.

But we’re more interested in Clayne Crawford’s (the series) Lethal Weapon than Mel Gibson’s. Still, Mel’s is the original and more real Martin Riggs, and if you haven’t heard, we might be seeing him again.

Lethal Weapon had three seasons with a total of 55 episodes, and Clayne was a part of it for two seasons, which added up to another 40 episodes. Clayne left the show after the second season, which made fans sad. Since he was the main character in the show, it had to be a big choice. With IMDb ratings just above 7 for Season 3, the show’s popularity went down.

Season 2 has a minimum score of 7.9, which is very close to a 7. So why would anyone want to put an axe on his leg? Or, why would Clayne leave a show that was going well to hurt his career?

The reason is simple: some things are more important than being popular, and this time it was tolerance. So, let’s find out what happened that caused Martin Riggs to die and Clayne to leave in the first episode of Season 3.

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Why Did Martin Riggs Leave Lethal Weapon?

Clayne Crawford (Riggs) was let go by the production team and crew because he was rude. It wasn’t right away. The team and Crawford argued with each other in words more than a few times.

Everyone, including Clayne, told the public what happened and why they couldn’t work together anymore. Clayne’s demands and his fear of action scenes were too much for the team to handle.

Clayne kept getting angry and yelling at the crew, even over small things. He had to go to therapy once before he could go back to work. When he was directing an episode of Season 2, an actor got hit on the set, which made Clayne yell at everyone there. This wasn’t it, though. It wasn’t the end.

Crawford and one of his co-stars, Damon Wayans, also did not get along. Sometimes they didn’t even want to be in the same scene.

We can hear them being mean to each other on a recording that was made public. Crawford said in a podcast that he thinks the team set him up to direct an episode so they could fire him.

A report said that Clayne yelled at kids during a scene, but he said that wasn’t true. Reports also say that Clayne has trouble controlling his anger and can’t handle being minimally late.

Due to all of these things, Warner Bros. decided to fire him, and to end his story, they shot him.

We can’t say for sure if it was true, but Clayne has some problems to solve or he wouldn’t have so many people after him. Seann William Scooty took over for Martin Riggs as Wesley Cole, but he couldn’t take over the fans’ hearts.

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Because of his age and health, Wayans also decided to leave the show for good. But we think it was too much for him, especially after what he had been through, or maybe the cast wasn’t getting along.

Where Is Clayne Crawford Now?

Clayne got the idea from Lethal Weapon that he didn’t like TV shows. He mostly worked in movies and was in The Integrity of Joseph Chambers in 2022 and The Killing of Two Lovers before that (2020).

He has no movies or TV shows coming up. He posts a lot on Instagram and keeps his fans up to date on what he’s doing. Clayne owns a farm, and he posts on his account about how he drives his tractor around with his grandson.

We can’t say for sure whose fault it was, but it looks like everyone did something wrong. Lethal Weapon got off to a good start but couldn’t keep it up.

Even though the series is over, there will soon be another movie in the same series. While we wait for the final episode of Lethal Weapon, let’s wish Clayne a good career.

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