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Why Did Tom Brady and Gisele Divorce? Latest Update!

Why Did Tom Brady and Gisele Divorce? There have been rumors of conflict and discord between Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen ever since he came out of NFL retirement. In September 2022, a source verified to Us Weekly that there was “stress” between the couple after he reneged on his announcement that he was retiring forever.

“Gisele was not pleased when Tom re-entered the NFL after such a short hiatus,” a source revealed. “Tension exists between them.” According to the insider, Tom is “doing everything he can to make it up to Gisele.” Since the news of their split, football fans have been curious as to why Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen divorced and what led to their breakup.

When Did They First Meet?

When Tom and Gisele first went on a date together in 2006, it was a blind date arranged by a mutual friend. My friend Ed contacted me one day and said, “I’ve got this gal, and I think you should call her.” In 2021, Tom described to WSJ magazine how he was introduced to Gisele. “I called her, and it turned out to be the love of my life.”

When Tom’s ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, announced she was pregnant with his child in February 2007, the relationship reached a rough period. Gisele stated on CBS This Morning in 2008 that she considered ending her relationship with Tom after hearing the news.

“It was a difficult situation because, you know, I’m dating this man, we met, we started dating, and everything was going OK, and then this happened,” she said. “Thereafter, I felt unsure about what to do. It was one of those times when you wonder, “Should I just flee?”

Why Did Tom Brady and Gisele Divorce

John “Jack” Edward Thomas Moynahan, the son of Tom and Bridget, was born in August 2007. Gisele subsequently said in a 2018 People interview that she “fell in love” with Jack and that his birth brought her and Tom closer together.

She said, “I am very glad for Bridget.” “I understand that this was difficult, but I cannot fathom my life without [Jack]. I refer to him as my bonus child. She continued, “He expanded my heart in ways I had no idea were possible.”

Tom and Gisele became engaged in January 2009 and wed in February. In 2009, they welcomed their first child, son Benjamin Rein. In 2012, their second child, a daughter named Vivian Lake, was born.

Therefore, why did Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen separate? Read to discover the true reason for Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen’s divorce and why they ended their 13-year marriage.

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Why Did Tom Brady and Gisele Divorce?

Tom and Gisele filed for divorce in Florida, where Tom plays for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, on October 28, 2022, according to reports from the general public. “Everything has been sorted out,” the insider stated.

They have been negotiating the terms the entire time. They agreed to joint custody of the children, the person continued. The ex-couple also announced the news on their own social media profiles.

Tom announced the divorce via an Instagram Story post at the time. He stated, “In recent days, after 13 years of marriage, my wife and I formalized our divorce.

We reached this conclusion amicably and with appreciation, for the time we spent together. Our beautiful and wonderful children will continue to be the focal point of our lives in every manner.

As parents, we will continue to collaborate to ensure that kids receive the love and care they deserve. We arrived at the conclusion to dissolve our marriage after some deliberation.

Obviously, doing so is unpleasant and challenging, just as it is for so many individuals throughout the world who experience the same thing every day. Nonetheless, we wish each other nothing but the best as we embark on the unwritten chapters of our lives. And we respectfully request privacy and consideration as we traverse the coming days and weeks. Thank you.”

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Gisele published a similar Instagram story post. She stated, “Tom and I have amicably settled our divorce with gratitude for our time spent together. My top priority has always been and will continue to be my children, whom I adore.

We will continue co-parenting to provide them with the necessary love, care, and attention. The decision to terminate a marriage is never simple, but we have grown apart, and while it is painful to go through something like this, I am grateful for the time we spent together and wish Tom the best for the rest of his life.

On October 4, 2022, a source verified to Page Six that the couple had contacted attorneys to prepare for their divorce. According to a source, “I never thought this dispute would be the end of them, but it appears to be.”

I do not believe there will be any return at this time. They are examining what a divorce will involve, who will receive what, and the financial ramifications.” A second insider told People that Tom is “trying to figure out what to do” following Gisele’s hiring of her own divorce attorney and his own search for one.

Gisele recruited Tom Sasser, managing partner of the law firm Sasser, Cestero & Roy, according to Page Six. The law practice is most well-known for having represented Tiger Woods in his divorce from Elin Nordegren. In addition, an insider informed the site, “Things are quite hostile between Tom and Gisele due to the attorneys.”

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Tom and Gisele Will Share Custody of Their Children

They are prepared for battle.” Additionally, the publication reported that Tom and Gisele will share custody of their children, Benjamin Rein, 12, and Vivian Lake, 9. John “Jack” Edward, 15, is the quarterback’s child with ex-Bridget Moynihan, for whom Gisele serves as a stepmother.

Divorce Alimony

According to another source, they are considering dividing their assets, which includes a $26 million real estate portfolio. A source also told Us Weekly at the time that Gisele, who was “living apart” from Tom at the time she engaged her divorce attorney and had been “at odds” with her husband for months, was expecting him to make a “grand gesture” after he learned about her divorce plans.

“Gisele is anticipating a grand show of solidarity from Tom,” a source revealed. On the day they announced their divorce, a second insider told the site that they attempted to “rescue” their marriage. “About a month ago, they decided to end their marriage. They both worked hard to save their marriage, but ultimately it was unsuccessful.


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