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What Happened To Genevie Mayo On The Bachelor?

Do you want to know what became of Genevie Mayo? The contestant from Season 27 of The Bachelor has been in the news because of her injury. She was seen taking the rose while her arm was in a sling.

Her injury looks like it could be pretty bad. What happened? Before we talk more about Genevie Mayo’s health, let’s quickly look at how well-known she is.

Genevie Mayo is a professional nurse who works in a neonatal intensive care unit. Genevie is 26 years old and was born on August 1, 1996.

She is from Baltimore City, Maryland. She wants to own a hospital and is working hard to make that happen.

Genevie is looking for someone who likes to try new things and is loyal. She chose to be on Season 27 of The Bachelor because she wanted to see if Zach Shallcross was the right guy for her. How do you feel?

Genevie likes sports, so don’t forget to say that. She loves the Baltimore Ravens and cheers for them all the time. This shows just how interested she is in football. Since Episode 3 aired on ABC, fans have had the same question about her injury.

Genevie was seen wearing a sling, and some of her fans talked about it on social media. If you want to know what happened to Genevie Mayo, here is what we know so far.

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Genevie Mayo’s Football Injury: Health Update About The Bachelor Season 27 Star

Genevie Mayo loves football, which has already been said, and she got hurt while playing the sport on the show. She hurt her arm, which was why she was seen with a sling on it. In an indirect post about this, Genevie said, “Make sure you watch me act like I’m good at football.”

Genevie Mayo’s injury, on the other hand, has not been talked about on The Bachelor. Still, her posts on social media told the story to her followers. She wasn’t the only one, though.

The other contestants who were invited to The Bachelor Bowl V were Ariel, Mercedes, Kylee, Anastasia, Christina, Bailey, Brooklyn, Brianna, Jess, Katherine, Davia, Gabi, Charity, and Greer. Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates, who are both big names in football, were also there and helped everyone with the game.

In the episode, no injuries were shown. But there’s no doubt that the match was physically tough. One even ended up breaking her nail. After that, Genevie Mayo also hurt her arm. Well, one of her fans said, “Sling won’t stop her from getting back up to speed, man.” As she walked to Zach to accept the rose, she did just that.

After a few days, Genevie Mayo confirmed that she hurt herself at the football group date. She posted it on Twitter, making it clear how much harder football is than it looks. Genevie said, “Football is more difficult than it looks.”

If you don’t count Genevie Mayo’s injury, what was the worst part? Even worse, her team didn’t win the football game. How is her health at the moment? Well, it seems like Genevie is fine now, recovering.

If her injury was too bad, she wouldn’t be able to go to the event where Zach gives her a rose. Fans, on the other hand, are worried that Genevie might leave The Bachelor because of her arm injury. No one knows! You have to watch the episodes to do that. Good luck streaming!

We wonder if Zach feels for Genevie. He hasn’t said much about how he feels about her. Mostly because of this, we don’t know if Genevie will leave the show soon. If she does, it will be on Zach’s terms for sure.

We wish Genevie Mayo the best for the rest of her life. Genevie has a Twitter account where you can follow her for more news. We hope Genevie will get better soon.

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