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Who is Lisa Raye McCoy’s Boyfriend?

Who is Lisa Raye McCoy’s Boyfriend? Lisa Raye McCoy, an actress who is 55 years old and has been married twice that didn’t work out, was recently seen out with a new boyfriend. She has been in a relationship with a strange man who keeps calling himself Yahweh, the Holy Spirit. He also says he is a prince from Africa.

Who is Lisa Raye McCoy’s Boyfriend? Even though he looks and acts strange, he’s rich, which puts him in the cool category. Lisa Raye seems to be in love with him, probably because he seems to have a good life. Since 2019, they’ve been friends, but they just recently made their relationship public.

Lisa Raye McCoy

Lisa Raye McCoy is an actress, model, and businesswoman from the United States. She was born on September 23, 1967, in Chicago, Illinois. She started out as a model and was in a number of music videos and magazines, such as Jet and Marie Claire.

She then switched to acting. Her first movie was “The Players Club,” which came out in 1998. Diamond in “The Players Club,” Neesee James in “All of Us,” and Keisha Greene in “The Wood” are some of her best-known roles. She has also been on “The Real McCoy” and “Single Ladies,” which are both reality TV shows.

Lisa Raye is an actress, but she has also tried her hand at fashion and business. In 2005, she came out with a line of jeans called “LRM.” In 2008, she came out with a line of lingerie called “The Lisa Raye Collection.” In 2011, she also put out a line of hair care products called “LisaRaye Glamour.”

Who is LisaRaye McCoy’s Boyfriend?

She has also done charitable work, like starting the Lisa Raye McCoy Foundation, which supports education and health projects in poor communities. Both the NAACP Image Award and the Black Reel Award have nominated McCoy.

Who is Lisa Raye McCoy’s Boyfriend? The Controversy behind Yahweh:

Yahweh, who says he is a spiritual leader and a member of African royalty, has been a controversial figure in the past few years. He is said to be a spiritual being who has taken on human form to be with Lisaraye. People have said that Yahweh is like an African-centered Aladdin and a humanitarian. He wears a white robe most of the time.

He says he has lived many lives and has a strong spiritual connection to the universe. Some people have even gone so far as to think that Yahweh is a prophet sent to lead people to a new level of understanding.

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He has gotten a lot of attention on the internet because of his strange claims and strange behaviour, but Lisa Raye doesn’t seem to care about any of it.

Even though some people have concerns and doubts about Lisa Raye McCoy’s boyfriend, Yahweh, there is no denying that Lisa Raye and Yahweh’s relationship has been making a lot of noise.

Some people see it as a sign that the world is changing and that people are becoming more open to different kinds of relationships and spiritual connections. Some people think it’s a dangerous trend that involves manipulating people in the name of supernatural powers.

The truth about their relationship, Yahweh’s identity, and what he wanted to do is still unknown. Only time will tell if this relationship is a rare deep love or just another tabloid romance that won’t last.

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