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Audience Reaction to Season 3 of Blown Away!

Blown Away Season 3: Blown Away is a reality competition show in which ten glassblowers compete in different challenges to create the best glass art pieces. The contestants come from various backgrounds and have varying levels of glassblowing experience.

The competition in Season 3 of Blown Away takes place in a new location – the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York. The challenges have also become more complex and difficult, with contestants being asked to create intricate sculptures and installations.

Throughout the season, contestants must complete elimination challenges in which they must create a piece in a limited amount of time, often with specific themes or constraints. The judges, who include guest judges from the world of glass art, critique their work and ultimately decide who is eliminated.

The final three contestants compete in a grand finale in which they have five hours to create a masterpiece that demonstrates their abilities and artistic vision. The Season 3 winner of Blown Away receives a cash prize as well as the opportunity to have their work displayed at the Corning Museum of Glass.

Overall, Blown Away Season 3 provides viewers with an exciting and visually stunning look at the world of glassblowing as well as the incredible talent of the contestants who compete in this one-of-a-kind competition. What are the audience reviews for Blown Away Season 3?

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Blown Away Season 3 Reviews On Rottentomatoes!

“It is a bewitching show, full of ridiculous puns delivered by the presenter Nick Uhas and sometimes scathing criticism from the resident judge Katherine Gray.”

“Similar to Top Chef and Project Runway, Blown Away features a competitive reality competition format. However, a wonderful alchemy is also on exhibit, as art is shaped by heat and physical processes.”

‘The entertaining and tense nature of the series stems from the unpredictability of working with glass. Their creations shatter into fragments, and in some cases even detonate.”

blown away season 3

“I always appreciate the artists and their work, but the hosting is corny, campy, and awkward. Two and a half stars are awarded for the artisans’ work. The program will be successful if the lame jokes are eliminated, less time is spent on host banter, and more time is spent on the artists and their work.”

“The judges were abominable. Change your provider! Katherine is so conceited and cringe-worthy. I cannot believe they kept the sloth; consequently, I ceased watching.”

“I admire the talent and skill of glassblowers tremendously. However, the presenter Nick Uhas is dreadful! His puns and general demeanour are repulsive. Change the presenter for the upcoming season.”

“The artists are fascinating to observe, but the presenter and judges’ cheesy dialogue is a major turnoff. Is it the producers who demand this coerced conversation? You could also modify the document to include both the winning and losing entries. The program could be much better.”

“After the Christmas mini-season, I eagerly anticipated Season 3. This year’s competitors included both seasoned artists with decades of glassblowing experience and fresher artists with only a decade of experience. The artist’s many stunning and inventive works ultimately led to his dismissal. The judging was inconsistent yet consistent in that it frequently contradicted previous comments about how excellent or bad work was. ”

“A piece that was previously deemed difficult to comprehend, confusing, or missing the brief wins “best in glass” for that day. After each episode, it became increasingly apparent that this season’s victor had already been determined before the season began. In the finale, the ‘winner’ utilized only 10–15% of the allotted gallery space to recycle a motif from an earlier challenge. The majority of the work was completed on the floor.”

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“The runner-up, meanwhile, created a piece that occupied their space and stood 7-8 feet tall, with portions conforming to impact points and surfaces spanning the majority of the space’s width and depth. I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed such obvious judgment bias or competition rigging. The victor was not a surprise and was evident before the halfway point.”

blown away season 3

“After enjoying S1 and S2, S3’s precipitation washed the arachnid away. It felt extremely unfair and contrived. The judges made a number of contradictory comments, describing one work as “too literal” and another as “too abstract.” Throughout the majority of the exhibition, beautifully crafted eye-catching art was at a disadvantage. I do not recommend Blown Away S3 to individuals with nerves as fragile as glass. As a member of this group, my spirit shattered under the weight of the judges’ nonsense.”

“At the halfway point of the third season, I am unimpressed because it appears that the winner has already been decided (someone with next to no talent). If that individual triumphs, I will boycott the entire show.”

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