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Joshua Hall’s Sisters Appeared on the Reality Show “Christina in the Country”

Joshua Hall’s Sisters: Finally, the day has here! After living on the coast for a long time, Christina Hall has decided to make the transition to rural life. HGTV’s Christina in the Country is a spinoff of the original series that follows the real estate agent and her new husband, Joshua Hall, as they create a home in Franklin, Tennessee, and grow her business in Nashville.

Christina in the Country’s debut episode featured a traditional family gathering, as the couple landed their first clients in Tennessee in the form of Josh’s sister Stacie and her husband Joel. You might have even met Stacie before this.

Joshua Hall’s Sisters On “Christina in the Country”

Both of Joshua’s sisters have already been on reality television, so the Hall family is no new to the medium. Jessica Hall is Kendra Wilkinson’s best friend who co-stars in both Kendra and Kendra on Top.

In addition, Christina’s ex-husband Tarek El Moussa is married to Jessica’s pal Heather Rae Young from Selling Sunset. That’s a topic sure to spark lively discussion at the dinner table. Former Bachelorette DeAnna Stagliano is now Jessica’s co-host on the podcast Flashbacks.

Jessica hosts a popular podcast, and she also appears on radio and television, invests in a vegan Mexican restaurant, and writes for Jessica and her husband, Kyle Carlson, have two lovely children.

Joshua Hall's Sisters

Stacie Hall, the other sister of Joshua, is now known as Stacie Adams, but she is better known as “Stacie the Bartender” on The Hills. Stacie admitted to Jessica’s podcast audience that she flirted with Spencer Pratt on The Hills, which was a factor in her casting.

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As one of Scheana Shay’s bridesmaids, Stacie has also appeared on Vanderpump Rules. Scheana, who also joined Jessica’s podcast, claims that she and Stacie had a disagreement over John Mayer (yes, you read that right). Not to fear though; Scheana and Stacie have reconciled.

Joel Adams (Stacie Adam’s Husband) On “Christina in the Country”

Despite coming from a long line of famous people who have appeared on reality shows, Joel Adams does not use any form of online networking. We weren’t able to learn anything about him beyond the astounding fact that he participates in triathlons. In addition to the fact that Christina is renovating the house, he shares with Stacie, of course!

We are even more eager to watch Christina in the Country now that we know that Stacie Adams is “Stacie the Bartender.” I can’t wait to see Christina and Josh’s finished product in Stacie and Joel’s home! Christina in the Country airs every Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on HGTV, so don’t miss it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jessica Hall Related to Joshua Hall?

Jessica Hall and Stacie Adams are Joshua’s sisters. Both of Joshua’s sisters have appeared in movies, so the Hall family is no new to reality television. Jessica Hall is Kendra Wilkinson’s best friend who co-stars in both Kendra and Kendra on Top.

Who is Joshua Hall Married to?

A previous contestant on “Flip or Flop” Shortly after her divorce from Ant Anstead, Christina Hall (née Haack) met and fell in love with Joshua Hall. Two months after making their relationship public on Instagram, in September 2021, Christina revealed her engagement to Joshua through a series of images detailing the proposal. Dec 10, 2022

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