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Is Chris Sharma Married? Who is His Wife?

Is Chris Sharma Married? Chris Sharma, an American rock climber, shot to fame after the premiere of his new reality TV series The Climb. On January 12, 2023, the first three episodes of the new reality show debuted.

Fans are excited about Chris Sharma’s Personal Life. In this post you will learn about Chris Sharma’s Personal Life, Is Chris Sharma Married? His Children, net worth and More!

Who is Chris Sharma?

American rock climber Chris Omprakash Sharma (born April 23, 1981) is widely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats. After completing the first redpoint of a consensus 9a+ (5.15a) graded route, Realization/Biographie, in 2001, he became the undisputed king of sport climbing for the next decade and ushered in a period of rapid technological advancement.

From Wolfgang Gullich (who held it for about a decade starting in the early 1980s), Sharma took the torch and delivered it to Adam Ondra as the “world’s strongest sport climber” (who held it from 2012).

Is Chris Sharma Married?

Chris Sharma married Jimena Alarcon, a Venezuelan model and television personality, in 2015. Little is known about the couple’s early history together, including when they initially met or when they began dating seriously.

When they finally sealed the wedding in August of 2015, their relationship became more public. Only immediate family members and close friends were invited to the little ceremony. Sharma and Alarcon have had a marital connection since. They tied the marriage in Oliana and honeymooned in Barcelona.

And, Sharma’s ex-girlfriend is the Spanish climber Daila Ojeda. They stayed together for quite some time and even shared an Oliana home.

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Who is His Wife?

Jimena Alarcon, a Venezuelan model and television personality with a sizable Instagram following, is Chris Sharma’s devoted wife. According to her Linkedin profile, she is the Director General at Sharma Climbing BCN, her husband’s company.

How Many Children Does He Have?

A daughter named Alana Sharma was born to them in June of 2016, so we know that much. Julian, the couple’s second child, was born to Jimena four years later. Jimena and Chris are proud parents, and they share plenty of photos of their two kids on Instagram.

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Chris Sharma Networth

Chris Sharma has amassed a huge fortune as one of the world’s most well-known rock climbers. According to Players Bio, Sharma is said to have a net worth of $5 million. Many different things bring in money for him. Sharma may bring in a respectable income thanks to the fact that he allegedly owns several rock climbing facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Was Chris Sharma When He First Started Climbing?

Chris’s 1981 birth placed him in Santa Cruz, California. At the age of 12, he began climbing, and at 14, he won the National Bouldering Championship. A year later, he made the first ascent of “Necessary Evil,” the first route of this grade in the United States and the hardest route in the country at the time, at 5.14c (8c+).

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What Kind of Person is Chris Sharma?

American rock climber Chris Omprakash Sharma (born April 23, 1981) is widely regarded as one of the sport’s all-time greats.


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