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Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married? Who is Her Husband?

Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married? New on Hulu, the comedic film The Drop gets its name from what happens when Anna Konkle’s character, Lex, accidentally drops her friend’s baby on a tropical vacation. When Lex announces that she wants to become a mother as well, her pals are understandably dubious.

Who is Anna Konkle?

The American actress, writer, and director Anna Konkle was born on April 7, 1987. She and Maya Erskine are well-known for their roles as co-creators and stars of the Hulu original comedy series PEN15. She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2019 and 2021 for Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series, respectively, for her work on the show.

Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married

Is The Drop Star Anna Konkle Married?

For PEN15, Anna and Jermaine Fowler play Lex and Mani, a happily married couple who travel to an island for their friends’ destination wedding. Anna is actually engaged to Alex Anfanger, an American TV writer and actor. In a private ceremony, the two of them exchanged rings.

Among the films in which her spouse has starred are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Next Time on Lonny, and Big Time in Hollywood, Florida. In the interview, Konkle mentioned Alex’s proposal as one of the many positive developments in her life over the past year.

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It’s perfectly reasonable that the acting/writing power couple would rather keep mum about their upcoming wedding than discuss their individual work or newborn daughter.

Is There Any Information Available About Anna and Alex’s Planned Wedding?

Also, Anna told The Cut, “Writing is my main priority and one of my favourite activities. My memoir is coming together slowly but surely. I am now developing a new show in addition to working on a major film. It’s just that I want to keep trying new things.”

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Anna disclosed her pregnancy in a recent interview with Vogue, saying, “We started trying in April, and we found out in May that we were expecting a baby. My partner was in Los Angeles, so I spent the week editing in Lake Arrowhead. There was snow where I was, yet he was basking in 90-degree heat an hour away. My suspicion that I was paranoid led me to take the exam on a whim. Over FaceTime, we sobbed with joy.

The Drop actress further elaborated on the meaning of Essie’s middle name, stating that “The middle name is a homage to my dad’s family… The women of the Wunderles were renowned for their independence and progressive outlook.

Additionally, my great-great-grandfather, who was also a Wunderle, was able to expand from selling treats from a pushcart to operating a sizable factory where candy corn was first produced. I’m hoping she’ll love the name and not be angry that we gave her something so complicated to spell.

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