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Joe Lycett Claims That David Beckham Has Responded to His Money Trick at Last.

Tonight, on Channel 4, comedian Joe Lycett will host a special edition of his show during which David Beckham will respond to Joe Lycett’s money-shredding scam (December 15).

The previous month, Lycett made a threat to reduce Beckham’s payment by ten thousand pounds if the footballer did not end his role as an ambassador for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. After not receiving a response from the former English footballer, Lisette then pretended during a subsequent live broadcast to destroy the money.

After some time had passed, the comedian disclosed that the money that had been destroyed was in fact a hoax and that £10,000 had already been given to LGBTQ+ charity before he even issued the ultimatum. In the video, Lycett can be heard saying, “I would never trash real money.” “I could never act in such a careless manner. Before I had even finished clicking the “Send” button on the first tweet, ten thousand dollars had already been sent to organisations that support LGBTQ+ people.

“I never in a million years anticipated hearing from you. It was nothing more than an empty threat to get people talking about it. It was very similar to the arrangement that you had made with Qatar, David. Complete and utter nonsensicality right from the start.”

Lycett stated that Beckham has now responded to the stunt in a statement that will be presented on his Christmas edition of Got Your Back on Channel 4. The message will air on Thursday, December 15th.

According to the statement that was written by Lycett, “David Beckham’s team has released my programme with an exclusive statement that will be broadcast tonight as part of my special edition of Got Your Back at 21:00 on Channel 4.”

In addition, he stated that “as far as we know, this is the only remark that he or his team has made to any magazine regarding his role in Qatar.” You will need to come to your own conclusion about this issue because I have been advised that the law prohibits me from expressing my viewpoint regarding it.

The special edition also includes football teams that identify as LGBTQ+, the cast of “Footballers’ Wives,” and Dr. Nasser Mohammed, an openly gay man originally from Qatar who currently resides in the United States. You can view the promotional video for the special edition down below.

Due to the fact that homosexuality is a crime in Qatar and that country has a poor track record when it comes to protecting human rights, Lycett was quick to attack David Beckham’s role as an ambassador for the World Cup, which was supposedly a deal for 10 million pounds.

In the same video in which Lycett exposed the fake shredded money, the comedian tore up the cover of Beckham’s Attitude magazine from June 2002. This was the first time a Premier League footballer had been featured on the front of a homosexual magazine.

Lycett shared his thoughts by saying, “I asked Attitude if I could destroy it, and they were more than pleased to help.”

This programme will be broadcast on Channel 4 at 21:00 on Thursday, December 15, and will feature a fight between Joe Lycett and David Beckham.

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