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Will Smith Claims That a Cast Member From the Movie “Emancipation” Improvised a Scene in Which Someone Spits.

Will Smith reveals that one sequence in his new film “Emancipation”, where a colleague in the film spits on him, was fully improvised.

Emancipation is about the voyage of a fugitive slave Peter (played by Smith) from a plantation in the 19th century. As you can anticipate, there are various explosive sequences and topics in the film. Smith recently commented about one particular sequence in the film when his character was attacked by Sergeant Howard (Steve Ogg) (Steve Ogg).

Sitting on the Red Table Takeover with his children Trey, Jayden and Willow, the celebrity stated the scene caught him off surprise as it wasn’t meant to be as intuitive as it turned out. He told his children: “One of the first days on the set there is a scene with one of the actors, and he leans over to me and says: “You’re chilly, aren’t you?” released…”
In the clip (inserted below) Smith simulates spitting in Willow’s direction before mimicking an overreaction of disgust. After making his three children howl with amusement, the “Bad Guys Forever” actor continues: “I’m like, “Makeup!” No, but it was like… Wow, all the actors on the scene took it very, very seriously.”

Speaking about the whole experience of making the film, Smith noted that it was not easy to take on such a “burdensome” picture. The Oscar winner recounted how he became “trapped” in his character Peter on an emotional level.

“Over the years, I’ve become more and more focused with these characters for longer periods of time,” he informed his children. “And it’s just the weight of this tale, the weight of this experience – the calibre of these actors. It was emotional, physical, spiritual.”

“Emancipation” focuses on Smith’s character as it shows his terrible yet colourful existence in the first true century of the United States. Peter is a fugitive slave who makes his way across the marshes of Louisiana on a horrific trip, escaping from the plantation owners who almost killed him. The film is directed by the director of “Training Day” Antoine Fuqua.

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