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KSI Updates Jake Paul’s Boxing Match, Bad News for Fight Fans

Despite the fact that they had both promised that they would fight one other in 2023, the YouTuber KSI broke the disappointing news about his long-awaited boxing match with Jake Paul.

Fans of Jake Paul and KSI, who are both powerful persons who became boxers, looked forward to the day when the two of them would finally fight each other in the ring. The rivalry between these two boxers became legendary.

The fact that the two agreed to fight in 2023 led many to believe that the battle would be pushed back to the next year; however, recent statements made by KSI have put an end to this rumble.

The rapper discussed his fight with Jake Paul during a press conference held prior to his combat with Dillon Denis. He also gave his word that the “Difficult Child” match would eventually take place, albeit not in the near future. Dillon Denis is the opponent for the forthcoming bout.

KSI wants the fight with Jake Paul to be his last

The British YouTuber claims that while he is pleased with the progress made in terms of weight loss and physical development, he does not wish for this trip to culminate in a fight against Jake Paul.

“It’s to break the next person and the next person and finally get to Jake Paul and demolish everything he built,” KSI explained. “It’s to shatter the next person and the next person.” “I believe that it will turn out amazing… I was absolutely invited to face Jake in the middle of next year, but I declined because I enjoy this game too much. If I wanted to, I could battle Jake in the middle of next year.

The rapper continued by saying that he had never imagined he would be able to run five kilometres in under twenty minutes, but that thanks to all of the training he has put in, he is now able to do it with ease.

“To know that I can just carry on, I guess it really hurts, and I really don’t want to stop it so fast because I know that when I fight Jake, it gets done,” he added. “I really don’t want to end it so quickly because I know that when I fight Jake, it gets done.”

“I’m not interested in doing anything else in terms of boxing, so I don’t know why I want to finish it so quickly; I’m just enjoying the journey too much,” he said. “I’m not sure why I want to end it so quickly, though.”

Jake Paul has not commented on this information as of yet; nevertheless, for those who are anticipating a bout between two of the finest canines in boxing influencers, it appears that you will have to wait a little while longer before the historic showdown takes place.

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