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Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72: Where To Read?

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72: Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72 has been eagerly awaited by fans of manhwa all over the world. A few weeks of speculation and anticipation have culminated in the announcement of the official release date.

This much-anticipated installment of the series will likely be filled with new plot developments and characters. Since the chapter 71 cliffhanger was revealed a few weeks ago, fans have been speculating about what will occur next.

Is This Hero For Real

It’s like a dream come true when a goddess whisks Hansoo Kang and his companions away to a fantastical realm where they can fulfil their heroic destiny.

But the goddess abandons Hansoo in the woods, believing he has died, because he refused to risk his life for a world that was not his.

This realization informs him that she is not who she initially appears to be. Hansoo faces the perilous new world with the aid of a solitary deity and is rewarded with potent blessings to help him survive.

However, he is not out to save the world; he simply wishes to return to his family. After receiving his retribution from the goddess.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72

The long-awaited release of Chapter 72 of the manhwa Is This Hero For Real is scheduled for April 3, 2023(source: amazfeed). Many followers of this popular manhwa have expressed their excitement on social media in anticipation of the latest chapter.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72 Spoiler

A woman is conducting an interview with Kang Hansoo using a machine gun to fire questions at him. She offers to teach him fantasy magic, such as how to shoot fireballs and icicles while acting virtuously at a distance.

However, the primary objective is to gain unrestricted access to the restricted area that the instructor is closely monitoring. Despite this, Kang Hansoo is able to evade capture during an attempted murder of royal family members.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72

Only after receiving confirmation five times is he released. Due to a lack of students and teachers, the wind had to abandon its plan to investigate restricted areas.

The main character, Kang Han-soo, is in a rush to reach the classroom so he can request assistance from the female devil. When she arrives, she discovers her classmates from the class below her being transported on a stretcher.

She has concluded that the large man who held a grudge against them must have reported it too late, meaning that it is irrelevant to her.

The charming young man who has been causing her concern from the start has just stated that he cannot get over it easily and asked her to act like a bad boy while making a serious face.

The main character concludes that she should conceal her status window so that the other individual cannot prepare for her arrival. Then she seeks assistance from the female demon in dealing with the handsome boy.

The commotion of the outside world is what revives the hero Choi Kang-min, who had been beaten daily by the Green Guardian and had fallen into a state of death.

He attempts to locate the proprietor of the drugstore who cares for him daily in order to inquire about the conditions outside but is unable to do so. When he opens the door to the medicine room, he sees animals being drawn by carts containing enormous bones from the orcish city of Okrolla.

They are referred to as dragon bones by orcs. Mayor Bruce, who discovered him, approaches him and tells him that if he sells even a small bone fragment, his family will be able to play and eat for the rest of their lives.

A soldier named Choi Kang-min was stationed in front of the Green Guardian’s sole exit. While amassing a collection of dragon bones, he pretended to be an archaeologist. The Green Guardian laughed out loud before making the required adjustment.

Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72


Choi Kang-min then realized that he had to kill 800 dragons in order to obtain this high-quality material. After performing calculations, he determined that he would need to kill 800 dragons in order to obtain four high-quality bones.

Following that, he attempted to flee by cutting through the green Guardian’s new hobby, but his plan was unsuccessful. The task of assembling the dragon’s bones is so challenging that it requires specialized training to accomplish.

Choi Kang-min, the hero, received specialized training with dragon bones. He asked Diaroca, the female devil, how the status window could be concealed. Diaroca indicated that blessings are necessary to peek through the status window, that achieving secret protection in a short period of time is impossible, and that equality must be clarified.

The protection of the stomach necessitates the blessing of marriage. The maid’s assistant, Kang Han-soo, is disrobing as if she were in a private room. Diaroca, the devil, acknowledges that he is afflicted by a curse known as the greed curse. This curse grants him absolute control over the status window.

He explains that obtaining it requires a great deal of compassion and that the curse is also the power of God, so it is possible to prevent Gaho from peeking at the status window by using a curse. Following this, the devil informs the maid of the prerequisites for obtaining the curse, and she decides to comply.

Where To Read Is This Hero For Real Chapter 72?

You can visit a variety of websites to read Manhwa on the device that best meets your requirements. On the other hand, I strongly advise you to use only legitimate websites such as Webtoon, Kakaopage, and Tapytoon.

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