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John Wick 4 Release Date: Check It Out Here!

John Wick 4 Release Date: This week, Keanu Reeves reprises his role as the lethal assassin John Wick in John Wick: Chapter 4, the fourth installment of his ultra-violent action franchise.

A stylish neo-noir that harkened back to John Woo and Hong Kong’s golden age of high-octane cinema captivated audiences nine years ago. John Wick, released in 2014, was praised as a much-needed shot of adrenaline for the action genre and launched the career renaissance of Keanu Reeves, one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors.

Who would prevail in a battle between John Wick and Neo?

Unexpectedly, the massive success of John Wick spawned a gun-fu franchise, with John Wick: Chapter 2 and John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum introducing us to a shadowy cabal of assassins hell-bent on tracking down Wick. A few days after the worldwide release of Parabellum, Lionsgate announced that another sequel was in the works.

Do you need to brush up beforehand? Here is all the information we have about John Wick: Chapter 4…

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John Wick 4 Release Date

The fourth film was originally scheduled for release on May 21, 2021, but it was pushed back to May 27, 2022, and then again to March 24, 2023(source: digitalspy).

John Wick 4

So far, we’ve seen the consequences of what can happen when one of the world’s greatest hitmen comes out of retirement in three films.

John Wick, also known as Baba Yaga or The Boogeyman, is a man who should never be trifled with, yet criminals never seem to learn their lesson.

This immensely popular series began with John (Keanu Reeves) seeking vengeance against the men who invaded his home, stole his car, and killed his dog, Daisy.

From this point on, endless complications have prevented John from returning to retirement, as he has traveled the globe and fled the country.

John Wick 4 Release Date

Now, in John Wick: Chapter 4 (2023), we will witness the titular assassin’s greatest challenge to date, as he seeks vengeance against the High Table.

They are a council of highly respected (and feared) crime lords who run the most powerful and infamous organizations in the criminal underworld, so it goes without saying that John has a difficult task ahead of him.

Chad Stahelski’s sequel surpasses the critical success of its predecessors, with John Wick: Chapter 4 receiving the most favorable reviews of the franchise.

Rotten Tomatoes critics have already awarded the film a Certified Fresh 93% rating, which is higher than the two sequels’ 89% scores and the original’s 86% rating. John Wick: Chapter 4 is also anticipated to be the franchise’s biggest box office success to date, so it is likely to enjoy a lengthy exclusive theatrical window prior to its release on streaming services.

If you’re eager to see where this highly anticipated action series goes next, we have good news for you: the latest installment is a whopping 169 minutes long. It will also be available very soon! Continue reading to discover and where you can watch John Wick: Chapter 4.

John Wick 4 Cast

When we last saw Keanu Reeves as Wick, he appeared to have been betrayed by an old ally, Winston (Deadwood’s Ian McShane), who fired three shots that knocked the desperate gunman off a roof.

Wick would ultimately survives and form an alliance with the Bowery King (Laurence Fishburne from The Matrix), who is also intent on bringing down the High Table.

McShane, Fishburne, and the late Lance Reddick, who played the stoic Continental concierge Charon, return and are joined by a who’s who of action stars, including Ip Man’s Donnie Yen, Mortal Kombat’s Hiroyuki Sanada, and renowned martial artist Scott Adkins (Undisputed II).

Donnie Yen, who plays Caine in Rogue One, recently revealed that he had input into the film by providing feedback to the filmmakers about the cliched writing of his character.

“Why are all things so generic? This is a film by John Wick. Everyone is expected to be cool and trendy. Why can’t he look fashionable and cool?

Bill Skarsgard of IT joins the cast as “The Marquis,” a member of the High Table tasked with cleaning up the destruction of the previous three films, and electro-pop sensation Rina Sawayama makes her acting debut.

John Wick 4 Trailer

Where to Watch John Wick 4?

As of right now, the only way to watch John Wick 4 is to go to a theatre on Friday, March 24. On Fandango, you can find a local showing. Otherwise, you must wait until it is available to rent or purchase on digital platforms such as Vudu, Paramount, Apple, and YouTube, or to stream on Peacock.

After its theatrical release, the film will be available for streaming on Prime Video. Expect the film to be available on streaming services 45 days after its theatrical release, which should occur in May. Peacock is likely to be the primary streaming platform for John Wick: Chapter 4.

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