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Is Russell Crowe Dating? Who is His Partner?

Russell Crowe is a great actor, and no matter what movie he’s in, he always plays the same kind of role. But lately, there has been a lot of talks about who Russell Crowe is dating, and many of his fans and people close to him want to know who he is dating now.

This article will tell you who Russell Crowe’s partner is if he will be in Gladiator 2, and what happened to his favourite dog.

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is a major Hollywood actor who was born in New Zealand but spent most of his childhood in Australia. Many of you may not know much about him.

He has won the most prestigious Academy Award, the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, the Empire Award, and other very important awards for being the best leading actor in Hollywood movies. He was known for his roles in movies like “The Insider,” “A Beautiful Mind,” and “L.A. Confidential,” where he gave spectacular performances and won a lot of praise.

Is Russell Crowe Dating? Who is His Partner?

Russell Crowe is a very private person, so he doesn’t often talk about his private life in public. But his fans and everyone else who knows him want to know who his partner is and what her name is.

Well, Britney Theriot is her name, and they’ve been together since 2020. In 2013, they met on the set of the movie Broken City, where they both had major roles. After November 2020, though, their relationship wasn’t talked about much in public. It wasn’t until the media took pictures of them playing tennis together that it was clear that they were dating.

Russell Crowe’s Partner

But Russell has been in a relationship before. Before he started dating Theriot, he was married to Danielle Spencer from 2003 to 2012. He has two sons named Charles and Tennyson with his ex-wife.

But you wouldn’t hear much about Russell’s personal relationships because he makes sure to keep them private and doesn’t talk about them much at work.

Russell and Briteny Were Seen Arriving at the Rome Premiere

But recently, in October 2022, both Russell and Briteny were seen arriving at the Rome premiere of Crowe’s movie Poker Face and making their official red carpet debut.

Briteny Theriot is Russell Crowe’s girlfriend. She is a well-educated woman who got her degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana State University. She is also an actress who starred in the 2013 movie Broken City with Russell Crowe, where they met for the first time.

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What Happened to Russell Crowe?

Russell had a very sad night because his dog was hit by a truck and died at the same time as the anniversary of his father’s death. He even posted about it on his social media accounts, where fans left peaceful comments about how sad it was that his dog had died.

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