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Janhvi Kapoor Before And After Transformation!

Jhanvi Kapoor is a well-known actor who is often criticized because she comes from the famous Kapoor family. Audiences don’t know much about her acting skills, but did you know that she is dedicated to plastic surgery and has had needles stuck in her face more than once?

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the gen-z actress K Jhanvi Kapoor, including how she looked before and after she became famous, who her boyfriends are (actors and other famous people), and what happened to this popular star.

But for those who don’t know much about Jhanvi Kapoor, she is the daughter of Boney Kapoor and the late Sridevi. She is best known for being the result of nepotism.

She has done her fair share of work in the industry. For example, she has played the lead part in Dhadak, Good Luck Jerry, Roohi Afzana, and other movies.

Jhanvi Kapoor Before And After Transformation,

Jhanvi Kapoor is a Gen-Z star, which means that her looks have changed over the years. She made her first public appearance with her mother, the late Sri Devi, when she was a teenager, but now her face features look very different.

And according to sources, Jhanvi has had some work done on her face and body to make her look a certain way. This trend of plastic surgery is not just famous in Hollywood; Bollywood stars are also getting needles stuck in their faces.

So, Jhanvi Kapoor has had some things done, like Rhinoplasty, Butt implants, breast lifting, face lifts, lip fillers, etc., to fix her flaws both on and off the screen.

Janhvi Kapoor Before And After Transformation

Since it’s an update on the celebrity’s own life, whether they want to change their looks or not, fans get very angry when celebrities have perfected their faces by injecting needles into their talk about natural beauty, etc. This gets very different reactions from their fans, for them, it’s a surprise, but for the people, it’s the reality, the truth.

Jhanvi Kapoor’s Dating History

Jhanvi Kapoor has been with a lot of famous people from the same business. The actor has been happy with all of her boyfriends, from Ishaan Khatar to her new boyfriend Shikhar Pahariya.

She went to the Tirupati Balaji Temple not too long ago to ask the god Balaji to bless their relationship. Their relationship is also popular right now. So, it’s even more likely that she and Shikhar will soon get married.

When she first started acting in 2017 with the movie Dhanak, she was linked to her co-star Ishan Khatar. At the time, their relationship was growing, but for unknown reasons, they broke up.

After that, she was related to Kartik Aryan while filming Dostana 2. There were a lot of talks that she and Kartik were dating while they were filming Dostana 2.

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What Happened to Jhanvi Kapoor?

More than her work, Jhanvi Kapoor is known for being a “repo kid.” So, there is always a debate about whether or not she gets special treatment because she is related to someone in the business.

Even when she made her debut in Dhanak, Karan Johar made it easy for her to get started in the business by giving her the biggest beginning for her arrival on the scene.

She has also been criticized more for her acting skills, and some people in the crowd have said that the movies she has been in don’t even show how good she is.

But one very sad thing that Jhanvi had to go through was the death of her beloved mother, Sri Devi, in 2018. The news that she died quickly in a bathtub in Dubai shocked the whole world.

Sri Devi was a legendary Bollywood actress. She had a lot of fans and ties, and when people heard how tragically she died, it broke their hearts.

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