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Who Is Dawn Staley’s Partner?

Want to find out who Dawn Staley’s boyfriend is? Yes, we’re talking about the basketball star who is in the news right now because he won the 2023 Naismith Coach of the Year award.

Congratulations! Fans are starting to wonder if Dawn’s personal life is just as busy right now. Is there someone special in the life of the head coach? Before that, let’s talk briefly about how well-known Dawn Staley is.

Dawn Staley

Dawn Staley is the head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks, and she started from the very beginning. So, it wasn’t that simple. At first, Dawn played basketball for teams like Tarbes Gespe Bigorre, Houston Comets, Charlotte Sting, etc.

As a player, she was named a WNBA All-Star not once, but six times, between 2001 and 2006. She was also given two Honda Sports Awards.

As head coach, Dawn Staley won the Olympics in 2020, the World Cup in 2018, the FIBA AmeriCup in 2021, and other tournaments. She made it to the SEC regular season championship in 2022-2023.

Coming back to Dawn Staley’s personal life, there have been rumours that she is dating someone recently. Not only are they dating, but some are sure they will get married. Who is he or she? What do you think? Here’s what we know about Dawn Staley’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

Who Is Dawn Staley’s Partner?

Lisa Boyer is said to be Dawn Staley’s partner when it comes to her love life. What is her name? Lisa is the associate head coach of the South Carolina Gamecocks women’s basketball team, in case you were wondering. How did everything begin?

Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer, who was said to be her love interest, both denied that they were dating. We’re not sure if they’re together or not. Dawn Staley posted on her Twitter account that they acted more like a married couple, which started the rumours. But that’s a funny one!

This also makes it important to talk about the head coach’s sexuality. She hasn’t said anything about whether she likes women or not. So, we still can’t say for sure. Since the “married couple” post spread like wildfire on the internet, some fans seem to think that Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer are married.

Boyer!!” was written on the post. We’re that old married couple who met when they were young and will stay together until they’re old.

You put the ride and die in RIDE and DIE!” Dawn Staley also thanked her for giving up her career to helping her serve their teams, program, university, and state.

Well, there’s no proof that Dawn Staley married Lisa Boyer. No one knows if they are married or not. These two basketball players keep their personal lives pretty quiet.

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Since their relationship isn’t official yet, some people think it’s all a lie. People say that Dawn Staley and Lisa Boyer only work together, but the truth is that they are very close.

We wish Dawn Staley the best for the rest of her life. Make sure you’re following Dawn on Instagram to get more information.

Since we like her and know what she can do, we hope she will be able to build more basketball teams like this in the future. Dawn’s professional life is going really well right now. She really does deserve everything she has done so far.

Lisa Boyer seems to be a good match when it comes to her relationship. Together, they do look good. Do they not? If Dawn Staley’s relationship with Lisa Boyer turns out to be real, we’ll love it. Who can say? Now, what do you think of them together?

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