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Is Mikey the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers? Why Did Mikey Become Evil?

Is Mikey the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers? There have been many twists and turns in the Tokyo Revengers plot, and Mikey has unquestionably been at the centre of important events. Fans have questioned whether or not Mikey is the true antagonist of Tokyo Revengers, despite the fact that he suffers a great deal of pain that ultimately turns him evil.

Who is Mikey In Tokyo Revengers?

In Tokyo Revengers, Mikey was initially a traditional anti-hero, but he quickly became the sympathetic secondary protagonist. However, dark Mikey did play a minor villain in his fourth timeline and a significant villain by the end of the series’ final Tokyo Revengers arc. Even yet, he is not the series’ primary antagonist, and he winds up being a good man in the end.

Is Mikey the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers?

Manjiro “Mikey” Sano is arguably one of the most well-known and well-liked characters in the Tokyo Revengers franchise. Mikey has been at the centre of many of the most pivotal events in the Tokyo Revengers universe, despite the fact that Hinata was the impetus for Takemichi Hanagaki to visit the past.

He is regarded as an extremely convoluted person whose inner workings are beyond the comprehension of the average person (a possible reason for Mikey refusing help or intervention). Despite his reputation for toughness, he has always been a devoted family man who places a high value on his friends and family.

Technically speaking, Mikey is the story’s deuteragonist, but as the story developed, he became the plot’s primary adversary. At the beginning of the series, he was portrayed as something of an anti-hero, but as the story progressed, he increasingly embraced his darker side, refusing to seek treatment for the emotional wounds he’d suffered.

Is Mikey the Main Villain in Tokyo Revengers

Mikey’s fourth timeline saw him become bad in the Tenjiku, while his counterpart in the Bonten timeframe was the true bad guy there. Mikey was one of the main antagonists in the Three Deities Arc, which took place two years after the Kanto Manji Gang was created, and then he became the main antagonist in the Kanto Manji arc.

Mikey’s shadow self is a major enemy in Tokyo Revengers, however, Mikey is not the main antagonist himself. While this is not an excuse for Mikey’s violent conduct, he is more accurately described as a misguided and broken anti-hero when compared to a villain like Tetta Kisaki.

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Why Did Mikey Become Evil?

Mikey’s eventual transformation into an antagonist can be attributed to a number of factors, at least in some alternate histories. The deaths of his loved ones, however, appear to be the primary causes.

After losing his older brother, Shinichiro Sano, and his best friend since they were kids, Keisuke Baju, as well as others who suffered because of Kisaki’s acts, he does his best to keep it together. When Mikey’s only caretaker and mental health monitor, Emma, dies in a horrific accident, he appears to reach his breaking point.

Mikey’s mental and emotional health appeared to have taken a serious hit after he lost everyone and everything he cared about, but the death of Emma was the final straw that sent him spiralling into despair. Fans were led to believe that Mikey was unable of coping with his feelings or his anguish as a result of his numerous losses and traumatic experiences.

Consequently, Mikey is thought to have just snapped as a result of excessive mental stress and suffering, with no healthy outlet to deal with his inner torment. Mikey wasn’t only killed by chance, but he also tried to end his own life (or coerce someone else into doing it for him).

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What Happens to Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

In the next chapter of Tokyo Revenger, a doctor meets with Shinichiro and his grandpa. He told them that Mikey’s brain was severely injured in the accident and that he would be in a permanent coma. The boy would keep on existing, but he would never communicate or walk on his own.

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