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Is Black Adam a Villain? The Answer is Complicated

On October 21, Black Adam will make his long-awaited debut in the world of feature films, some 80 years after his first appearance in a comic book. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who had been rumoured to play the character for years before his casting was ultimately announced in 2014, will play him in the movie. Johnson’s casting was officially announced in 2014.

Black Adam was supposed to make his first appearance in a movie in the upcoming “Shazam!” film; however, in January 2017, DC revealed that he would be getting a solo film instead, and the news only made fans more excited to see the character’s long-awaited introduction to the DC Cinematic Universe. Black Adam was originally scheduled to make his cinematic debut in the “Shazam!” film in 2019.

Through the use of many trailers and teaser videos, we have already had the opportunity to catch a preview of the upcoming film “Black Adam.” In the second teaser, which was released on September 8th, it is shown that the superhero team Justice Society of America will be competing against Black Adam in the film. If you aren’t aware with the backstory of Black Adam from the comic books, you might find yourself questioning whether or not he is truly a villain. To give you an idea of how difficult the solution is going to be, consider this:

Who Is Black Adam?

In the Black Adam comic books, Teth-Adam is an ancient Egyptian who goes by the moniker Black Adam. A wizard by the name of Shazam bestows magical powers upon Teth-Adam in the hopes that Black Adam will utilise his abilities to fight against evil. Instead, Black Adam succumbs to the power that he possesses and winds up becoming the one to slay Shazam.

As a consequence of his treachery, Black Adam is exiled to a faraway star and must spend the subsequent 5000 years making his way back to Earth. After he has returned, he finds out that Shazam has chosen other successors, one of them being Billy Batson (as depicted in “Shazam! “), who goes on to become his persistent foe.

Is Black Adam a Villain? The Answer is Complicated

The trailer for “Black Adam,” on the other hand, seems to hint at a distinct backstory for the character. In the film adaptation, Black Adam is shown to have been born a slave and to have been put to death; nevertheless, he is brought back to life as a result of his son giving his own life for the sake of his father. Black Adam reappears with what he refers to as a “curse” consisting of extraordinary talents. Therefore, in contrast to the comic books, in which Black Adam exults in his newly acquired talents, the character in the movie appears to have conflicted feelings about his abilities.

What Are Black Adam’s Powers?

To transform into Black Adam and access the power bestowed upon him by the six Egyptian gods, Teth-Adam must utter the word “Shazam.” It is said that Shu bestows upon him endurance, Heru bestows upon him nimbleness, Amon bestows upon him strength, Zehuti bestows upon him wisdom, Aton bestows upon him might, and Mehen bestows upon him bravery. In case you haven’t noticed before, Shazam is spelled out by the names of the gods.

Is Black Adam a Villain?

In the DC Comics universe, Black Adam has appeared in both heroic and villainous roles; however, it seems that the movie will recast him as more of an antihero. In the promotional material, Hawkman, a hero who is a member of the Justice Society of America, says to Black Adam, “I’m going to kill you.” “In this world, there are good people and bad people. Heroes and villains coexist. Heroes don’t kill people.” After that, Black Adam gives a response, saying, “Well, I do.” On social media, Johnson has referred to the character as an antihero, despite the fact that it would be simple to classify him as a villain.

The tagline “There are heroes, there are villains, and there is Black Adam” can be found in the description of the second “Black Adam” trailer on YouTube. This gives the impression that Black Adam falls somewhere in the middle of a hero and a villain, like an antihero, which is a protagonist who does not exhibit very many heroic qualities. This could suggest that Black Adam will engage in some questionable behaviour during the course of the movie. At this point in time, it appears like Black Adam is merely an antihero; however, it is entirely feasible that by the conclusion of the film, DC may formally transform him into a villain.

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