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Is Kaia Gerber Engaged? The Truth About Her Relationship Status with Austin Butler

Is Kaia Gerber engaged? In the news recently, there were reports that model Kaia Gerber and actor Austin Butler were dating, but they are not yet engaged.
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Is Kaia Gerber Engaged?

No, Kaia Gerber is not engaged. In April 2023, there were reports that she and her boyfriend, Austin Butler, were getting married. But a reliable source close to the couple later said that these stories were not true. The source told TMZ that they are “NOT engaged” and don’t have any plans for an engagement right now.

Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler have been dating, but they don’t want people to know about it. Even though they try to keep their relationship private, they have been seen together more than once, showing the public how close they are. In fact, they have been seen moving into a new home together, which is another sign that their relationship is getting stronger and more serious.

Who is Kaia Gerber Dating?

Kaia Gerber is dating actor Austin Butler right now. She is a rising star in Hollywood. Their love began at the end of 2021 and has been getting stronger ever since. Austin Butler is known for how good an actor he is, especially for playing Elvis Presley in the movie “Elvis.” Even though Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler are well-known, they have kept their relationship pretty quiet to escape a lot of media attention.

Is Kaia Gerber Engaged

But the fact that they sometimes show up together at different events shows how much they care about each other. This public show of affection shows that their relationship is strong and will last. At the moment, Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler are still together and happy. They enjoy their time as a couple and work on their relationship even though they are both very busy with their careers in the entertainment business.

Kaia Gerber Dating History

1. Wellington Grant: 

In February 2019, it was said that Kaia Gerber was dating Wellington Grant, who is also a model. On Valentine’s Day, they were seen together in New York City holding hands. They were together for a few months, but they broke up after April 2019.

2. Pete Davidson:

In October 2019, Pete Davidson from “Saturday Night Live” was seen having lunch with Gerber. After that, they were seen together at Davidson’s comedy show. They were seen hand-in-hand in New York City and kissing in Miami. But they agreed to stop in January 2020 so that Davidson could work on his mental health.

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3. Jacob Elordi:

Gerber and actor Jacob Elordi were seen having dinner together in September 2020, which led to rumors that they were dating. Even though people said at first that they were just friends, they were later seen holding hands in NYC. Before they broke up in November 2021, they were together for about a year.

4. Austin Butler: 

At the moment, star Austin Butler is dating Kaia Gerber. They were seen together for the first time in December 2021, not long after Butler finished shooting “Elvis.” They went to events together, like the Time100 Gala and the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Even though they are well-known, they have kept their relationship pretty quiet.

Kaia Gerber Boyfriend

Kaia Gerber is dating actor Austin Butler at the moment. Late in 2021, word got out about their relationship, and they’ve been together ever since. Austin Butler has made a name for himself in the entertainment business, especially for his well-known parts like playing Elvis Presley in the movie “Elvis.

Because of his skills and abilities, people have noticed and praised him. Even though they are both famous, Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler have decided to keep their relationship quiet. They have, however, been seen together at high-profile events like the Vanity Fair Oscars party and the Time100 Gala.

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Their public outings together have made fans and the media wonder about them. Kaia Gerber and Austin Butler are still together, enjoying their time as a couple, and working on their relationship in the spotlight of the entertainment business.

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