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Inside Out 2: Is a Sequel in the Works?

Inside Out 2 Release Date: Pixar will create a sequel to the Academy Award-winning animated film Inside Out. The original 2015 film was set inside the psyche of an 11-year-old girl, Riley, and personified her five primary emotions.

It was a massive box office success and received positive reviews, so it comes as no surprise that the studio has approved a sequel. Here is everything currently known about Inside Out 2.

Inside Out 2 Release Date

Disney executives disclosed many new release dates, including those of Inside Out 2, during D23 Expo 2022. The release date for Inside Out 2 has been set for June 14, 2024, nearly nine years after the first film.

Prior to this, Pixar and Disney will release Elemental (16 June 2023) and Elio (1 March 2024). Inside Out 2 will be the 29th Pixar film when it is released, assuming all release schedules remain unaltered.

Inside Out 2 Plot

Following the events of the first film, which concluded with Riley’s emotions learning about puberty, the second film will concentrate on Riley’s adolescence.

Inside Out 2 Release Date
Source: Disneyfandom

In an interview with People magazine, Poehler stated, “In some ways, Inside Out set itself up for a sequel and we’re going there,” adding that the upcoming film will be “deeper” than the original.

She declared, “We are going to have what it is like to be a teenager, the brand-new feelings that reside within the mind of a young person.

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“It was thrilling in a lot of ways. We weren’t lost at all. The teen mind is explored, and all its craziness is revealed.

Since the original video was released, much progress has been made in the areas of emotional intelligence, mental health awareness, the understanding of how our emotions manifest physically, and our understanding of the inner workings of the human mind.

In 2022’s Turning Red, Pixar explored similar themes of adolescence and self-doubt.

Inside Out 2 Cast

Inside Out 2’s cast is still mainly a secret. At this time, only Poehler, who plays Joy, has been confirmed for the follow-up. According to People, though, both Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black will be back to play Sadness and Anger, respectively.

Inside Out 2 Release Date

Mindy Kaling has stated that she will not be returning as the voice of Disgust, and it appears that Bill Hader will also not be reprising his role as Fear.

I had a wonderful experience working on Inside Out, and I have no doubt that Inside Out 2 will be equally successful, but Kaling informed The Wrap in January 2023 that she would not be contributing to the sequel.

Since Pixar has confirmed that new feelings would be featured, we can assume that other voice actors will be cast.

Inside Out 2 Director

Kelsey Mann (Twitter account), who worked as the story supervisor on Onward and The Good Dinosaur, will be in charge of the direction of Inside Out 2. Pete Doctor, who also helmed Soul and Up, directed the original film.

In June 2015, Entertainment Weekly reported that Docter has no plans to make a sequel. However, he did not entirely shut the door, saying, “Never say never.” In an interview with The Guardian that same year, Poehler gushed over the film’s director and its message.

“Pete did a beautiful job of not only reminding everyone how difficult and emotionally treacherous it is to grow up and to leave childhood behind,” she remarked.


Pixar and Disney have approved a sequel to Inside Out, set for June 14, 2024. It will focus on Riley’s adolescence and explore new emotions.

Inside Out 2 explores adolescence and self-doubt, with Poehler as Joy, Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black as Sadness and Anger, Mindy Kaling as Disgust and Bill Hader as Fear.


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