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“I Don’t Like Myself” is a New Video by Imagine Dragons in Collaboration With Crisis Health Line.

Imagine Dragons have returned with a new song titled “I Don’t Like Myself,” which is a reflective new song that expresses empathy for those that struggle with their mental health similarly to the listener.

Imagine Dragons, a Las Vegas-born rock band consisting of guitarist Wayne Sermon, bassist Ben McKee, drummer Daniel Platzman, and lead singer Dan Reynolds, have formed a partnership with the Crisis Text Line in order to encourage their listeners to support mental health awareness and promote fundraisers for the non-profit organisation through the various social media platforms used by the Imagine Dragons. Imagine Dragons have become a household name within the pop music industry throughout the last decade.

Imagine Dragons’ highly successful new album, Mercury – Acts 1 + 2, features guest appearances from Cory Henry and JID, as well as a number of songs that put an emphasis on the emotional turmoil that the band has been going through in recent times. “I Don’t Like Myself” is the title of a music video that was taken from the album. Songs like “Lonely,” “Wrecked,” and “No Time for Toxic People” all discuss the concept of overcoming your own personal demons and emerging stronger on the other side of the struggle.

In honour of World Mental Health Day, the band is utilising its platform to raise awareness about text-based mental health support and crisis intervention services that are accessible around the clock and available in both English and Spanish. These services are supported throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.

Dan Reynolds has a history of depression, and he has stated that he created this song when he was at a particularly low moment in his life. Over the course of my life, I had a lot of trouble cultivating love for myself. He goes on to say that treatment has been the driving force behind him staying alive, and Dan hopes that “I Don’t Love Myself,” along with the Crisis Counselors at the Crisis Text Line, can bring the same relief for any of his fans that are also battling to get through their struggles.

The new song video portrays Ryan Reynolds as he searches for clarity while walking through the streets and playing on the Mercury World Tour. He gives his supporters a glimmer of hope and inspiration by saying: “They’re not better than you. They are nothing more than a product of one’s own mind.”

Reynolds is telling the world that everyone faces mental health challenges and that there is light at the end of the tunnel by using the success of their most recent album, in addition to the success of several other successful projects, ranging from Smoke + Mirrors to Evolve to Night Visions.

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