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Fabolous’ Stepdaughter Calls Him ‘bitter’ and Manipulative for Not Caring for His 2-year-old.

Rapper Fabolous may have just done himself a huge favour by playing himself while attempting to wish his youngest child a happy birthday. The 10th of October was the second birthday of Journey Isabella, Fab’s daughter. The artist and his now-former girlfriend, a stylist named Emily B., have three children together. Journey is the youngest of the three. The couple is parents to a girl as well as two sons, Johan and Jonas Jackson, who are aged 14 and 7, respectively.

The “Make Me Better” rapper, like most parents would do, acknowledged his daughter’s birthday with a sweet message on Instagram. The message was posted on the social media platform. The message included a touching photograph of the New York rapper cradling his daughter as well as a few well-wishes for her on the occasion of her birthday.

The caption started off by saying, “I named you Journey since that’s actually what it’s been.” [Citation needed] “You might not know when you’re going through it, but you’ll get it in the end. I don’t believe that you can have faith unless you trust the JOURNEY. Because of everything you’ve shown me, I can now look at you with both love and understanding. Your own existence guarantees that everything will work out… 10 • 10 • 2020

The followers of Fab offered their digital birthday greetings to the young child and remarked on her father’s poignant explanation for the meaning behind her name. However, not long after the message was published, the artist’s stepdaughter, Taina Williams, insisted that the rapper from Brooklyn quit playing the charade.

After the rapper and Emily B broke up, the rapper’s daughter from a prior relationship, Williams, took to the comments section of the rapper’s Instagram post to accuse him of abandoning his younger daughter. Williams is the daughter of Emily B from a previous relationship. In addition to that, she stated that Fabolous was merely a father to his sons and that he manipulated them.


Williams stated in his comment that the post made him laugh out loud. You may not understand it when you are going through it, but you will understand it in the end. I haven’t taken care of my daughter in almost a year, and I don’t even ask about her well-being because IDC and I’m bitter, and I’m only a parent to my two gorgeous kids, who I can manipulate. Is Translation for = I haven’t taken care of my daughter in about a year. Put an end to your childish antics on the internet.

The remark made by Taina is merely an additional item that has been added to the filthy laundry that has been stacking up about the family for many years.

The relationship between Fab, whose actual name is John Jackson, and Emily, whose full name is Emily Bustamante, the mother of his children, has been turbulent, as was previously revealed by Blavity. Fab’s real name is John Jackson. In 2018, Fabolous was indicted for a total of four felony charges related to her assault.

According to TMZ’s reporting, Fabolous is accused of physically assaulting Bustamante on March 7, 2018, after learning from her Instagram account that she had travelled to Los Angeles. On his flight back to New Jersey, the then 40-year-old man, who was also in the city at the time, allegedly sent a text message to Bustamante saying that he wanted to kill her by hitting her in the head with a baseball bat but that he “did not want to go out like that,” according to Bustamante was found dead the next day.

After returning from the vacation, the rapper is said to have hit his girlfriend seven times in the head, knocking out both of her front teeth in the process. claims that Bustamante later contacted her father and brother to the home she and Fab shared so that they could grab several guns because she was afraid that Fab might use them against her. This information comes from an affidavit.

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