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Money Can’t Purchase Love? 50 Cent’s Son Given $6,700 to Repair Friendship.

How far would you go to get in touch with someone you once lost touch with? Would you consider going back to your hometown? Apologize? Or do you sever all contact with them? What would you do, though, if you were granted significant sums of money only to make things right with the people you care about? Because the rapper 50 Cent’s son was willing to work on their connection in exchange for significant quantities of money, this is exactly what transpired in their family.

It was alleged by TMZ that 50 Cent’s oldest son, Marquise Jackson, offered his father $6,700 for the opportunity to spend some quality time together. Unfortunately, not only was the offer turned down, but Jackson was mocked online for making such an absurd offer, and some people even referred to him as “entitled.” Jackson shared a photo on Instagram that was a parody of 50 Cent’s now-famous ‘Broke’ post from 2017, in response to the remarks and attacks that were directed toward him.


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Within the caption, Jackson makes the request that his father give him twenty-four hours of his time so that he can fulfil his childhood ambitions.

Since 50 Cent’s divorce from Shaniqua Tompkins in 2008, he and Jackson have had a relationship that is strained and strained to the breaking point. After then, it was claimed by Metro that the rapper had paid more than one million dollars in child support obligations.

In an interview with the publication 2020, 50 Cent stated that he “used to” love his son but that he doesn’t care if his son gets “struck by a bus” now. To this day, they continue to engage in a rivalry on social media, during which the rapper wrote a sly remark about Jackson utilising a scene from Power in which the father murders his son.

According on the outcome of the most recent offer, it appears as though this father-and-son relationship will continue to be unattainable in the foreseeable future.

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