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How Many End Credits in Morbius? Was the Film Morbius a Flop?

How Many End Credits in Morbius? If you are unfamiliar with the Marvel multiverse. The Morbius post-credits scenes will be especially perplexing. In addition, they provide hints on the future of the Sony-verse.

Before we enter the spoiler zone, though, you may be curious about the number of post-credits scenes. There are in fact two Morbius scenes in the middle of the credits, but nothing at the end.

Now, if you have seen the film, we can fill you in on exactly what is happening in those sequences. Even director Daniel Espinosa was consulted, and his explanations are provided below.

How Many End Credits in Morbius?

There are two post-credits scenes featuring Morbius. One follows a series of stylised opening credits, while the other follows a series of equally stylized mid-credits.

There is nothing at the end credits, so feel free to leave once you’ve watched two separate scenes, though you’re welcome to stay and marvel at the names of those who created Sony’s latest Marvel world entry.

How Many End Credits in Morbius

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The First Morbius Post-credits Scene

Similar to the opening of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the first Morbius post-credits scene begins with the sky breaking. The character Adrian Toomes, often known as Vulture, played by Michael Keaton then appears in a jail cell. “I hope the cuisine is better here,” he remarks. It appears that the multiverse has indeed fractured.

Toomes has no reason to be in prison and simply emerged out of nowhere. He is currently awaiting a hearing and will likely be released immediately, according to a news report.

It is unclear why the multiverse relocated Toomes from the MCU to the Sony-verse. It is now doubtful whether other individuals who knew Peter Parker’s true identity were relocated to other universes. However, it seems evident that the Vulture will play a larger role in future Spider-Man films produced by Sony.

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In regards to Keaton’s cameo, director Daniel Espinosa tells GamesRadar+, “The concept of incorporating a figure from the Marvel Cinematic Universe into our universe was conceived from the beginning.”

“The inspiration for those comes from the animated film Spider-Verse, which was released before I began shooting my own film. And I believe that idea originated with both us and Kevin Feige. I believe this is why the previous Spider-Man film was created in the manner it was.”

The Second Morbius Post-credits Scene

Toomes meets Morbius in the second Morbius post-credits sequence, dressed in full Vulture costume – how he did it in a different dimension is a mystery. Toomes reveals that he has been reading about the doctor, and he believes that his weird and unexpected entrance into a new realm is related to Spider-Man.

Due to the conclusion of Spider-Man: No Way Home, in which Doctor Strange performed a spell that caused everyone to forget that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Toomes will have no recollection of Peter Parker’s true identity.

How Many End Credits in Morbius

Toomes then tells Morbius that they should form a team of people like them because “they could do good.” Morbius replies with a single word: “Captivating.”

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While the phrase “Sinister Six” is never said aloud. The framework is being prepared for this organisation to make its way to the big screen. Especially considering that both Vulture and Morbius have been members of the group in Marvel comics.

Other potential contenders for Sony’s version of the squad include Tom Hardy‘s Venom, who is now back in the Sony-verse after appearing in the MCU during the post-credits sequence of Venom 2, and Aaron Taylor-upcoming Johnson’s portrayal of Kraven the Hunter.

When we ask Espinosa about Sinister Six, he recalls reading a comic book titled Secret Wars when he was 12 years old. In the story, all the superheroes and supervillains were placed on a planet and forced to fight each other.

“It has always been in Marvel, this concern with forming new groups and connections that can compete with existing ones. I believe that all of us Marvel fans would die to see the Sony-verse characters united.”

Who are the remaining members of the Sinister Six? Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Sandman, and Lizard. All featured in No Way Home, have all returned to their own universes. Those with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man, so we can fairly safely disregard them.

Unless it turns out that one of these two universes is truly in the same universe as Venom or Mobius. Neither of these universes is in the same universe as Venom or Mobius. We still do not know which Spider-Man exists in this Sony-verse; everything is up for grabs.

Morbius is released in UK theatres on March 31, and in US theatres on April 1. Check out our full guide to Marvel Phase 4 for all the MCU has in store. As well as our guide to the Morbius finale and our answer to the question, “Is Morbius in the MCU?”

You can also read our interviews with director Daniel Espinosa on working with Jared Leto. The film’s horror tone, Michael Keaton’s cameo, and actor Matt Smith about joining the Marvel universe and portraying the antagonist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Morbius a Marvel Villain?

Michael Morbius was initially presented to his audience in Marvel Comics as the adversary of Spider-Man. As a bloodthirsty vampire, he became Peter Parker’s most formidable adversary. However, Morbius was not only a vampire with an insatiable need to kill. Not draining his victims was his defining characteristic.

Was the Film Morbius a Flop?

The film grossed only $73 million in the United States and just $163 million globally, which are pitiful numbers for a comic book movie in the current market.

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