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How Did Doc Hudson Die?

Do you know what happened to Doc Hudson? We are talking about the made-up character from the 2006 animated movie Cars.

It was voiced by the late Paul Newman, who won a Primetime Emmy Award and drove race cars. If you missed it, Doc Hudson stopped showing up in Cars 2, and everyone thought he was dead. It turned out that his death was the reason. What happened, and how did the movie show what happened?

Who Was Doc Hudson?

Before we get to that, let’s talk quickly about Doc Hudson in Cars and the person who voiced him. Doc Hudson was the old race car that won the Piston Cup. In the future, he worked as a doctor and judge in Radiator Springs.

His full name was Hudson Hornet, in case you didn’t know. When it comes to who made him, it was John Lasseter, Joe Ranft, and Jorgen Klubien, in that order.

Paul Newman, who voice Doc Hudson, was an actor who could do many different things. Some of his most famous works are Cool Hand Luke, The Verdict, Message in a Bottle, Empire Falls, Road to Perdition, etc.

When it comes to Doc Hudson’s death, Paul Newman passed away a few years before Cars 2 came out. Because of this, Doc Hudson didn’t show up, so fans took it as a sign that he was dead.

People have been interested in what happened to the actor because of this. Also, if you want to know how Doc Hudson died, here’s what happened.

How Did Doc Hudson Die?

Before we talk about what happened to the person behind Doc Hudson in the movie Cars, let’s find out what happened to him. Yes, we’re talking about the death of Paul Newman.

Paul Newman, who played Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, died in 2008. This was a long time ago. To be more specific, it happened on September 26, when Paul was 83.

As a professional race car driver and a fan of cars in general, he liked being a part of the 2006 Pixar movie Cars. What happened? Even though he was old but still doing well, everyone was shocked to hear about Paul Newman’s death.

How Did Doc Hudson Die?

Paul Newman was at his home in Westport, Connecticut, on that day. He was sick, and lung cancer caused him to die. Only the sick person knows how sad it is. We only know how dangerous the disease can be to your life. People thought he was the most interesting person in Hollywood. It was a “tragic death” that happened because the person smoked a lot.

Doc Hudson’s death was also brought up when he left before Cars 2 came out. After Paul Hudson died, someone else could have given the character’s voice. But Pixar thought it would be a bad idea and not the right thing to do. So he chose to leave Doc Hudson out of Cars 2. How did Doc Hudson die? Surprisingly, it was the biggest mystery that the movie didn’t answer or show.

Cars 2 came out in 2011, which was a few years after Paul Newman died. Well, Doc Hudson’s death was thought to have happened between Cars and Cars 2. There was a short time when McQueen and Mater, who was his best friend, were together. That, at least, was a way of recognizing Doc Hudson’s death.

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But what was strange was that there was no more information about what was wrong with him. Anyway, the thought that Doc Hudson had died helped McQueen figure out how to deal with his racing days.

People weren’t happy about Doc Hudson’s death. It seemed very strange. Why? Some of his fans thought he might have died because he was old. In the Cars movies, none of the cars were shown to have died because of that. Also, in Cars 3, when McQueen went to Doc Hudson’s neighborhood, everyone he met was well off. So, the series should have shown that a few were missing.

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