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Grimes Plastic Surgery – Which Type of Alien Scars Grimes Added to Her Body?

On September 23, 2022, Grimes uploaded a self-portrait to Instagram, prompting admirers to speculate that she had undertaken plastic surgery. The pop singer debuted a flamboyant appearance in the photo, with orange-yellow eye makeup and purple lips.

However, cosmetics were not a topic of conversation. Twitter users could not stop discussing how Grimes’ face and lips appeared to be distended. The singer accompanied the photo with a caption stating that she is reportedly “considering getting a white ink tattoo on her face.”

“Are selfies obsolete yet? Next week, I am definitely considering having a white-ink tattoo on my visage. Thoughts? It appears to be time. [sic]”

Fans speculated that Grimes had cosmetic surgery, most likely an elf ear modification after she tweeted a photo of her bandaged visage. However, based on her most recent photograph, admirers believe that Grimes only had a facelift.

For those unaware, elf ear surgery is a form of plastic surgery in which the ears are sculpted to resemble those of elves. Facelift surgery, on the other hand, is performed to reduce sagging and aging indications on the face and neck in order to make the patient appear youthful.

Alien Scars that Grimes Has Added Recently to Her Body

Grimes showed off her scarification tattoo across her chest in a photo she shared with her followers. Scarification is a type of body modification that includes purposely cutting into the skin to create scars in certain shapes, patterns, or marks.

Scarification has been used for millennia, but specialists have cautioned about the hazards of the body modification procedure, which can result in keloid scars and infections, as well as inconsistencies in outcomes. Scarification, like tongue-splitting, is considered a “grey area” by specialists in the United Kingdom.

With all of this in mind, it’s possible that Grimes chose white tattoo ink over scarification, and fans will recall that the Genesis singer decorated her back with similar “alien scars” a few years ago.

Why Does the Internet Believe Grimes Underwent Cosmetic Surgery?

Social media users are certain that the singer has altered her appearance. Grimes previously uploaded a photo of herself covered in bandages around her ears, scalp, and jaw on September 17, 2022, with the caption:

Grimes Plastic Surgery

“I did smthn crazy.” The tweet was sent on August 16 after she inquired about “elf ear modifiers” in Los Angeles and Austin. According to the musician: On September 17, the Canadian singer also took to Twitter to discuss her next album and how she wrote her last song at “the plastic surgery clinic.” She wrote on Twitter,

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Users on Twitter are confused if the Genesis singer got the ear elf surgery for which she sought advice. Fans have shared both favorable and negative opinions of her new swollen-look photo on social media platforms such as Reddit and Twitter.

Social media users began comparing Grimes’s before-and-after photos after she posted her most recent photo. While some believe she underwent surgery, others believe the enlargement is due to her peculiar makeup in the photograph.

Some users defend the singer, claiming she has the right to do whatever she wishes to her visage. Through tweets, her supporters are sending her positive messages.

Some admirers were dismayed upon discovering that the singer may not have had ear elf surgery. The pop singer has announced the imminent release of her new album. The couple “semi-separated” on September 21, 2021. The couple has two children: son X A-12 and daughter Exa Musk.

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