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Know the Cause of Famous Brazilian Singer Astrud Gilberto’s Death!

Astrud Gilberto was a musical legend. Find out what happened to the amazing Brazilian vocalist by reading this. Astrud Gilberto, one of the most amazing bossa nova singers, died at the age of 83. Because of his magnificent voice, the famed ‘Girl of Ipanema’ became a worldwide symbol of Brazilian music.

“Astrud was the real girl who introduced the bossa nova of Ipanema to the rest of the world.” “She was the pioneer and the best,” said her granddaughter Sofia in an emotional statement.

During a recording session with her previous husband, Joao Gilberto, in 1963, Astrud Gilberto met saxophonist Stan Getz, who was seeking for a voice to boost the classic song, The Girl of Ipanema. It was a huge success, promoting her country’s music all over the world. Brazil has recently lost a legend.

What Caused Astrud Gilberto’s Death?

Prayers to the heavens! The Independent reports that Astrud’s cause of death has not yet been made public. Marcelo, the singer’s son, verified her passing on June 5, 2023, according to the news source. Unfortunately, Marcelo did not elaborate on the details surrounding her passing.

Astrud Gilberto Cause of Death

According to The Independent, Astrud ceased performing in Brazil, her home country, in 1965 due to issues with the Brazilian media. Astrud’s discography consists of 16 studio albums and two live albums, but she had difficulty being compensated and credited for her work.

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“She believed in people and was trusting,” said Marcelo. “They took advantage of her good nature, trust, and desire to make music.” Astrud, according to Marcelo, did not receive complete payment for her albums “Now” and “That Girl from Ipanema.”

Marcelo said, “She re-recorded a disco version of ‘The Girl from Ipanema’ on the second album. This was the second time she recorded the song without getting paid for it.” Because of this, Astrud’s problems with her music got into the news and caused trouble. But she was able to become famous around the world.

Fans and people she worked with say that Astrud was an important part of bossa nova music and a Brazilian music star, even though she had problems with the Brazilian media.

Paul Ricci, a musician from New York, said, “She was an important part of ALL Brazilian music in the world, and her energy changed many lives.” “She called me ‘the chief,’ so RIP. AG, thanks.” Gregory and Marcelo are Astrud’s sons, and she also has grandkids. We are very sorry for Astrud Gilberto’s family, friends, and other people who cared about him.

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