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Djokovic Elbow Surgery – What is the Current Status of Djokovic’s Elbow Injury?

Novak Djokovic confesses his damaged elbow hasn’t totally recovered as he prepares to return to play following an unusually early exit in Monte Carlo. Following his early withdrawal from the Monte Carlo Masters last week, Novak Djokovic has admitted that he is still dealing with an elbow issue as he prepares for this week’s Srpska Open.

The world number one was defeated in the final 16 by Lorenzo Musetti, who broke his serve eight times. “My elbow isn’t in the best shape, but it’s good enough for the first match,” Djokovic told reporters before of the competition.

“Naturally, I wasn’t pleased with the outcome in Monte Carlo. But, since I arrived, I’ve been welcomed in Banja Luka, with a lot of wonderful energy and feelings.” Djokovic, who had elbow surgery in 2018, will play 18-year-old Luca Van Assche in the second round on Wednesday after the Frenchman defeated three-time grand slam winner Stan Wawrinka 1-6 7-6(7-4) 6-4.

Djokovic stated that he doesn’t know much about Van Assche, but he feels he’s a tough fighter who moves quickly, adding that “no one should be underestimated.” Van Assche, who is ranked 87th in the world, expressed his delight at the prospect of playing Djokovic, saying it would be a wonderful encounter.

Djokovic Elbow Surgery

“It will be incredible for me, and I’m only 18,” he said of competing against Djokovic. “Novak is an undisputed champion.” Not only in tennis but in all sports. I know I’ll have to give it all I’ve got to win.” Djokovic won the Australian Open earlier this year, tying Rafael Nadal’s men’s Grand Slam record of 22.

What Forearm Injury Did Novak Djokovic Have Previously?

Tennis fans and commentators frequently refer to it as the ‘2018 injury,’ but in reality, 2018 was merely the year it culminated. Prior to that, Djokovic had been struggling with it for 18 months. In July of 2017, he decided to officially terminate his season. This meant withdrawing from the US Open and other high-profile competitions, so the situation was grave.

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“All the doctors I’ve consulted and all the specialists I’ve visited, in Serbia and around the world, have concurred that rest is necessary for this injury,” he stated on his official website at the time.

“A lengthy absence from the sport is unavoidable. I will do everything necessary to recuperate. Due to my busy schedule over the past few years, I will use the forthcoming time to strengthen my body and enhance certain tennis skills that I was unable to develop.

“Five months may seem like a long time at this juncture, but I am confident they will pass swiftly because I have so much to do. We will soon become parents for a second time, which is a momentous occasion. I am certain I will be prepared for the beginning of the new season.”

At that time, surgery was an option, but it contradicted the Serbian’s beliefs. Djokovic has always been fervently devoted to natural remedies, as his struggles with the pressure to get vaccinated against Covid would demonstrate.

This decision to refuse surgery cost him not only five months of his career but also his coach. Andre Agassi and Novak Djokovic had a tumultuous relationship regardless, but their disagreement over surgery was the final straw that led to their separation.

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