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Glitter 2022 Release Date: What Language Will Netflix’s Glitter Be?

Glitter, also known by its Polish original name Brokat, is an upcoming Polish historical-political drama that will be available to stream on Netflix. The soon-to-be-aired series is drawing near, and those who subscribe to the streaming platform are eager to learn everything there is to know about Glitter 2022. Don’t be concerned because we are here to provide you with all of the information that we have so far concerning the next series.

Marek Lechki and Anna Kazejak are the ones responsible for directing the highly anticipated Polish series, while Maciej Kubicki and Slawek Lonisk are the ones who wrote the script. According to rumours, the series was inspired by the book Professional Girls (Zawodowe dziewczyny: Prostytucja I praca seksualna w PRL) by author Anna Dobrowolska. The book, on the other hand, contains all of the information that was taken from radio broadcasts, press articles, and police papers.

In addition to presenting a feminist perspective, the series provides viewers with a glimpse into the political climate that prevailed in Poland during the 1970s. As a result, we are able to assert that viewers who have an interest in and sensitivity to issues pertaining to feminism and the rights of women should watch this forthcoming series as soon as it is made available to the public. Historians will be interested in the series since it is set in the 1970s and depicts communist Poland getting ready to open up to the West. In both of these aspects, the series is historically accurate.

But when exactly will it be available to buy? What exactly does each episode of the series focus on? Who will be performing in Glitter? Will it also be offered in the English language? Let’s not waste any more time and jump right into the meat of the discussion.

Glitter Release Date

The soon-to-be-aired television series Glitter will be made available on the streaming service prior to the arrival of the new year. The first episode of the series is slated to become available on Netflix on December 14, 2022. The streaming service has presented an official promotional video for the Polish television programme. You can view the trailer at this location:

The preview gives the impression that the series will live up to its name, as there are multiple sequences with sparkling objects and vivid colours already present in the preview. This suggests that the title is appropriate for the show. It is likely that the worlds of the three ladies shown in the series will be referred to using the word “glitter.”

What is Netflix’s Glitter About?

The sex labour and prostitution that took place in Poland in the 1970s are the subjects of the Netflix original film Glitter. The women in this series make the decision to become prostitutes while also attempting to adjust to the political and social shifts that are taking place in their home country. Because they are interested in both making money and having fun, the three main characters select their customers based on who they would like to have an intimate relationship with. Even though they have plans to explore a range of interests, the one thing that is holding them back from achieving their goals and perhaps even growing closer in their love relationships is money. This is especially true given the current state of the economy.

According to the official plot summary for Glitter 2022, “In 1976 Sopot, Poland, three determined women try to discover independence, financial freedom, and love as they navigate social and political transformations.” It seems as though the show presents a novel viewpoint on a topic that was socially unacceptable in Poland during that time period.

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The leading parts in the series are played by Polish actresses Wiktoria Filus, Matylda Gniegno, and Magdalena Popawska. These three ladies each depict strong, independent women in the show. Bartomiej Kotschedoff, Folco Marchi, Szymon Piotr Warszawski, ukasz Simlat, Jdrzej Hycnar, and Stanisaw Linowski are some of the other actors who will be featured in the future series as cast members.

The highly anticipated television show Glitter will launch with a debut season that features ten episodes, each of which will run for forty-five to fifty minutes.

What Language Will Netflix’s Glitter Be?

Because it is a Polish television series, Glitter on Netflix will initially be broadcast in Polish. On the other hand, Netflix will provide English subtitles and dubbing for viewers who do not speak Polish.

Do you plan to watch Glitter 2022, or are you going to skip it? Are you a follower of television series that focus on politics and/or history? Share with us in the comments below your initial thoughts and reactions to Glitter.

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