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Target Ball Is Struck by a Car and Rolls Through the Parking Lot in Viral TikTok

If you have ever shopped at Target, you have likely observed a few things. One is that you almost always deeply regret purchasing all of the clearance products that they stock the store’s entryway with.

Also, for whatever reason, the Starbucks coffee provided in Target always has a little different flavor than the coffee offered elsewhere. It’s not necessarily terrible, but different, at least for certain people.

The façade of the store is also adorned with the brand’s signature large red balls. You’ve likely sat on them or told your children that Rudolph’s gigantic relative lost his nose in front of a Target.

Or perhaps you sarcastically took a picture of yourself trying to kick it, because truly slamming your foot into one of those objects seems like a one-way trip to the emergency room.

But have you ever considered what might happen if one of these balls were struck by a car? Where is it going? Would the automobile be destroyed as a result? Would the solid sphere’s integrity be undermined and split in half?

Evidently, they simply roll around. At least, such was the situation with the individual who was struck by a car in the viral TikTok.

Hannah, who uses the TikTok handle @eclectic.angel, went viral after posting a video of someone responding to a Target ball rolling around in the parking lot.

A text overlay on the video states, “Just discovered today that target balls do roll when struck by a car.”

The individual recording the video can be heard stating, “This woman is just f***ing…dude it’s going to roll and hit, no, bro there’s a worker, why doesn’t he do anything?” The man speaking off-camera in the video can be heard barely holding back his laughter.

Target Ball Is Struck by a Car and Rolls Through the Parking Lot in Viral TikTok (1)

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“And she’s driving away!” he added. TikTok who viewed the video thought it was humorous and suspected that the employee observed what was happening with the light fixture but eventually chose not to intervene.

Some even joked that they would have considered the rolling target ball an opportunity to steal it, while others were amused by the sound it made when it hit the curb.

And if you think taking the ball home with you is a ridiculous idea, there are actually those who have done so previously. In 2016, a Reddit photo depicting what appears to be a Target employee standing with two officers over a location where one of the outside balls had stood went viral.

Evidently, the crime occurred on Black Friday of that year, and all that remains is a metal pipe protruding from the ground.

Numerous individuals have mentioned a desire to steal the Target spheres; have you ever been driven by one of the brand’s retail outlets and felt an overwhelming impulse to steal one?

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