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Inside Job Season 2: Plot, Cast, Trailer, Where to Watch?, Release Date Updates!

Inside Job, the animated adult comedy series created by Alex Hirsch and Shion Takeuchi, will return with ten new episodes. The comedy follows Lizzy Caplan as Reagan Ridley, an employee of Cognito Inc., a deep-state organisation responsible for the world’s most absurd conspiracy theories.

Reagan aims to make the world a better place by eliminating the system from within. What is her biggest problem? At the beginning of the new season, the Shadow Board reinstalled Reagan’s father as the company’s CEO. Reagan was ready to assume control of the corporation.

Reagan will return in the new episodes as a ruthless villain who will let nothing stand in her way. Notice that Netflix refers to this as the second episode of the first season, not the second season of the show. If you are interested in knowing more, here is everything we currently know!


The premise is precisely what one would anticipate from the first ten episodes of the series’ first season. It appears to be an entertaining and natural progression of the story. Once all ten episodes have been released, we anticipate additional social commentary, intelligent comedy, and binge-watching. In addition, the teaser suggests that there will be a great deal of craziness and end-of-the-world circumstances that will test our characters and keep us on the edge of our seats.

Inside Job Season 2

It is somewhat surprising that the new episodes are being released just after the U.S. midterm elections, when one might have expected Netflix to pull a Borat Subsequent Movie Film and release them before the election to make them part of the conversation.

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  1. Lizzy Caplan in the role of Reagan Ridley
  2. Christian Slater in the role of Randy Ridley
  3. Clark Duke as Brett Hand
  4. Tisha Campbell portraying Gigi
  5. Andy Daly in the role of J.R. Scheimpough
  6. Chris Diamantopoulos, portrayed by Robotus
  7. John DiMaggio as Glenn Dolphman
  8. Bobby Lee portraying Dr. Andre
  9. Brett Gelman portraying Magic Myc

Inside Job Season 2

The production crew for the upcoming episodes has not been disclosed in great detail, however the directors of Part 1 were Vitaliy Strokous, Pete Michels, David Ochs, Mike Hollingsworth, Mike Bertino, and Mollie Helms. There is a possibility that a few of these have been replicated.

The writing staff for the first season includes Alisha Brophy, Scott Miles, Alex Hirsch, Shion Takeuchi, Chase Mitchell, Adam Lederer, and Burke Scurfield, among others. Alex Hirsch, Mike Hollingsworth, and Shion Takeuchi are executive producers.

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Release Date

The second season of Inside Job will premiere on November 18, 2022, on Netflix. On that date, each of the ten new episodes will be accessible.


Netflix linked the announcement of the second season of Inside Job to the release of the first teaser video. Unbelievably, there is a three-minute preview of what to expect in the second season, which we shall analyse in further depth in the following plot prediction.

Where To Watch?

Inside Job season 1’s ten episodes are exclusive to Netflix. As stated previously, other popular adult animated comedies on Netflix, such as Big Mouth and its spinoff Human Resources, are likewise capable of the same. Netflix has renewed both of these services recently.

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It is usually difficult for a new adult cartoon to distinguish itself from the competition. Ricky & Morty is one of the most prolific examples of a show with significant longevity, whereas Family Guy and The Simpsons demonstrate that even the best can fall from the top and fail to recapture what made them great.

A few notable exceptions exist, such as Aggretsuko and Bojack Horseman, but the majority of these utilise the emotional core and themes that make them so endearing.

Inside Job seems to want to have its cake and eat it too. The show’s bizarre premise involving conspiracy theories and world-ending conspiracies recalls Rick & Morty and Final Space. Additionally, it attempts to incorporate emotional subplots and character arcs for Reagan and Brett, the two main characters. Here is where the performance falls short.

Backtracking a bit, the series focuses on Cognito, Inc., a shadowy corporation that controls the world while the mysterious and lethal Shadow Board watches over it. This site is essentially the foundation of every conspiracy theory ever conceived. Bigfoot, Elvis’s cryopreservation, and the President being a robot controlled by artificial intelligence are all legitimate.

Reagan Ridley, a prodigy and the heir apparent to Cognito following the fall from grace of her father Rand, is crucial to this situation. Reagan lacks the necessary interpersonal skills to lead the team, despite his reputation as a drunken lounger. Conflict is therefore inevitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There Going to Be a Conclusion for Inside Job?

Inside Job, the animated conspiracy theory comedy series from Gravity Falls writer Shion Takeuchi and creator Alex Hirsch, has been renewed for a second season by Netflix. The renewal was announced on Day 3 of Geeked Week by Netflix. It precedes the start of Season 1, Part 2, with an undetermined premiere date.

How Come Inside Job is Rated R?

Inside Job is an animated comedy about a young genius working for the “Deep State,” which parents should be aware of. There is a great deal of profanity, including “s—t” and “f—k,” some sex jokes, and a great deal of fantasy violence that is more comical than terrifying. In addition, drinking and drug usage are obvious.

What is the Primary Objective of the Film Inside Job?

This technique is described in “Inside Job,” a venomous, well-argued documentary by Charles Ferguson on how the American financial industry set out to mislead the average American investor. Allowing financial organisations to trade on their own behalf was a key miscalculation.

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